Rose Dawn - New Item Girl On The Block

The 19-year-old singing sensation Rose Dawn has created waves with her new song 'Kahin Pe Nigahean' by Frankfinn Music Co. She began her success story with her first movie called BILLA which was a Tamil remake of DON. The bombshell asserts that she is here to stay and critics not withstanding, she wants to do classy and naughty item numbers that are not sexist or raunchy. "It's important that the song and the dance sequence is not degrading in any way to the woman performing it," she explains. Rose is a familiar TV face with commercials like 7 Up, Nokia 1230, HP Computers, Reid & Taylor, Lifebuoy Soap, Raj Jewellers, Deep Foods, Ayur,,, Airtel and many others...

She is also a trained dancer and has done several professional acting courses besides knowing Kathak, Bharata Nayam, Hip-hop, Tap Dance, Ballet and a little bit of belly dancing.

In a tete-a-tete with Jamila Hussain, she talks about her experiences and the story behind her appearance in the video…

You were born and brought up in London though your mother's a Hindu and your dad is English. What made you come here?
A: I've been doing ads in London and in India as well. I came here as I wanted to take a shot at Bollywood and also made it big in the Indian modeling scene

Was getting into modeling or acting always what you had desired?
A: I've been performing since I was six years of age. I've been into dramatics out in London and also various dance forms like ballet, salsa, bharatanatyam, etc. I never had given it a thought -- whether an actor or not but always had that passion and desire in me to perform, in front of the audience.

Your new music video 'Kahin Pe Nigahean' by Frankfinn has already started booming the charts. How was the offer made to you?
A: It was the matter of luck actually. Once I was in India for my holidays. The video director saw me and offered me the dancers' role in the music video and I said yes.

What do you think is the choice of the music by Frankfinn?
A: It's really good; I mean they always somehow come up with such great music. They have promoted singers like Ali Zafar and their videos also seem to be good all the time.

How was the experience while working for the video?
A: It was pretty much difficult, whatever idea we came up with. But it was also fun during the shoot for the Frankfinn video.

Who is your co-star dancing next to you in the video?
A: Hehehe…….I'm glad you asked me that. The co-star dancing besides me, is me. That was the toughest job to portray me in to different roles as if there are two different girls but I guess Shareen has done her job really well and succeeded in whatever she had planned.

You've worked in several ad films too like 7up, Ayur, HP, Airtel, etc. is it where you started from.
A: Yes ad films are what I did start from, and do plan to do it in the future as well.

You have been in a Tamil movie as well? How was the experience?
A: I have worked in BILLA, the remake of DON in Tamil and am playing Kareena Kapoor's role in the movie. Shooting Billa with my co-star Ajit Kumarji was really fun. He helped me a lot. And by the way, the experience is still going on as the shoots not yet over.

Posted By Jamila Hussain
Posted On Jun 24, 2007
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