Are You Celebrating Your Sweet 16 In Style?

Every girl can’t wait to celebrate their sweet sixteen, because it is one of the most special
occasions that women celebrate in their lifetime. The highlight of a girl’s sixteenth birthday is
her sweet 16 party, which simply must be celebrated in style. Sweat down with your parents a few months before your sixteenth birthday, and use some of these ideas to plan the hippest sweet
16 party.

Laying out a plan for your sweet 16 party

Planning is usually not something that everyone jumps right into, but when it involves planning
your sweet 16 party you will be amazed at how easy and fun the process will be. It is important
to have a seat down with your parents and talk about what kind of party you want, and what kind
of party they can afford. You only celebrate your sweet sixteen once and you definitely want
to make sure that it is both special and hip. Sweet sixteen parties have become somewhat of
a ‘show off’ competition in recent times; your parents don’t have to be filthy rich to throw you
the best sweet 16 party, the best party is determined by the little details you incorporate into the occasion.

Ideas to use when planning a sweet 16 party

There are tons of ideas to use when planning a sweet 16 party.

Choose a theme for your party; sweet sixteen parties take on cool themes and some of the
popular themes include totally 80’s, Hollywood glamour and masquerade ball themes.

However, you can come up with your own trendy theme. Another idea to use when
choosing a theme for your sweet 16 party is to go for a seasonal theme. For instance, if
your birthday falls during the winter you could go for the winter wonderland theme.

Get a dress early enough. You don’t have to go for expensive ball gown dresses; you can
get a tailor to recreate a celebrity-inspired dress or costume for you.

There are several start-up bands who play re-indentions of popular songs, and you could
hire one of these bands early enough to play at your party.

Ask your parents if they can hire a ball room for your sweet 16 party; several catering
halls hire out ball rooms for special events and they also provide special planning and
catering services.

Have personalized treats at the party; for instance, you could order candy bars in
specialized wrappings with your portrait and name on them.

Plan a grand entrance for your sweet 16 party. The day is all about you and it is always
cool to be fashionably late. Go for out of the box ideas such as having a horse-drawn cart drop you off at the venue.
Posted By Anthony Johnson
Posted On Jan 30, 2012
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