Let's Just Promise Today

Change is law of nature. Things are changing so as relations are changing. Meaning of love has changed, yes it has changed. its sad ,definition of love has changed drastically. Love is defined as love of a lover or a beloved. What about love of a father, a mother? Is it not love? It is a pure form of love but we are forgetting this. Whenever advice comes from a father we say he interfares, but when it comes from a lover it is care. Strange na.i know people after reading this will say what a crap ; "I m not like this". Wait and think for a while if you are not then there must be someone around you doing this. But somewhere u may be. We deny things which make us uncomfortable. Because we want to satisfy our ego. We want to feel good. We often hear people saying "oh my father doesn't understand me?" have you ever asked yourself if you understand your father? The answer is NO because we are selfish. Its all out "I". its so foolish we don't want our parents to expect anything from us but yes we expect everything from them. We think twice before doing anything for them but they never. they are always there to hold us when we fall. its so strange everytime we are in difficult situation ,they are there to support us, they never complain when we are busy in our stuff and don’t have time for them. Why we are full of complaints? We complaint about everything from not making our favourite dish to from not providing us with luxury.a son often complaint “what have u done for us? You could not even bulit a good house in all these years. i just want to ask one question to all and to myself as well. is it only his duty to built a big house, to buy a big car? Why can't we just tell them thank you for everything you have done for us. We complain everyday but we forget to say thank you every day. Saying thank you is much easier than complaining in long sentences. We must realize our mistakes before its too late.so, why not to promise one thing today we will Say thank you for every little thing they have done for us. things will just change after this. and this time this change will be for good. Change which is the law of nature. So why not to change the bad things in us. Let's just promise ourself that we will never shout at them even if we have to explain them something ten times because they never did when we were learning. Promise to make their world unique and beautiful, to make them feel that heaven is here in this physical world and they are part of it. Today look at your mom, hug her and tell her that she is the most beautiful women in the world .she is your world and then feel the change, feel the magic of these words. Things will change. Let's just promise today, if it's not today then it's never
Thank you dad and mom for everything. Thank you for being there with me even when I was wrong and u knew. Thank you for giving me this beautiful life.
Posted By Randeep Sandhu
Posted On Nov 10, 2012
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