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What is Aarogyam?

Aarogyam in Sanskrit means “Free from any ailments”. Freedom from ailments can be achieved by getting treatment or by taking precautionary measures. In order to take precautionary measures, one needs to know the exact status of his/her health. By finding out whether one is running the risk of developing some disease or disorder and also at what stage that disease or disorder is, the individual can consult a medical practitioner and follow the prescribed precautionary measures. So far individuals are able to get the services of medical practitioners for treatment purpose as well as for the preventive healthcare consultation purpose. But for the common man, there are none or very few opportunities for finding out one’s health status in an effective and affordable manner. For finding out the health status of an individual, specialized tests are very important. Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., an ISO certified diagnostic laboratory and India’s leading diagnostic service provider, identified this requirement of the common man and came up with the novel concept of “Aarogyam”.

"Aarogyam" is a project professionally managed by Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., for making the common man aware of the facilities available for early detection of possible ailments. This project also assumes the responsibility of providing effective and high quality diagnostic tests/profiles in highly subsidized rates through camps and other medium. The basic purpose of the Aarogyam project is to create preventive healthcare awareness and to facilitate accessibility to specialized tests and profiles.

Why Aarogyam awareness?

In the present times many developments and advancements have taken place. The world has become a much smaller place with knowledge and information getting transferred between far off places with the click of a button. But is all this making any sense or difference to the common man. Why is it that most of the common people are yet to grasp the full potentiality of the Information technology advancements or for that matter developments in any other area? The answer is lack of awareness. If the people involved in developing the different technologies take some time off from their busy schedule to educate, to inform and to generate awareness in the common man about these advancements, more and more people will get benefited by these new developments. Aarogyam awareness is a sincere effort on the part of a company that has brought about a revolution in the diagnostic industry. It is a step to make the common man aware of the various latest technologies that the Thyrocare laboratory has adopted to help in the creation of a disease free society – a society which is Aarogya. Aarogyam awareness is for the general people so that no one misses the opportunity for ensuring a better health for himself and for his family.

What is the purpose of Aarogyam Awareness Camp (AAC)?

AAC is a means of reaching out to the general mass in order to make them aware of the existence and importance of specialized tests. There are certain diseases and disorders that often assume life-threatening stages, if left undetected. Moreover for proper and precise diagnosis of diseases even medical practitioners strongly suggest the conducting of specialized tests. But for the general masses, specialized tests are either inaccessible or very costly. This is primarily due to lack of awareness regarding the availability and affordability of specialized tests.

The purpose of the AAC, as its name suggests, is to create awareness. But simply creating awareness is not the sole objective. The objective is to provide an opportunity to all for ensuring health. Tests and profiles of prime importance are done during the camp period. These test and profiles are offered at special discounted rates. The objective is to ensure that more and more people get camp benefits by knowing about their health status in an effective and affordable manner. The awareness drive will ensure that the general mass is informed of the existence of the specialized test at affordable rates and that these tests are easily accessible.

Who is organizing this Aarogyam Awareness Camp (AAC)?

The Aarogyam Awareness Camp is a project undertaken by Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. With the help of its wide and well spread collection centre network, Thyrocare organizes these camps in different regions of the nation. Every year areas/regions are identified where the AAC is organized. It is the objective of Thyrocare to cover all possible regions within the country and spread the awareness regarding specialized tests and preventive healthcare to one and all. Thyrocare seeks the cooperation of local Doctor Community so that the Doctor community and the other medical service providers come together in generating awareness amongst the people regarding preventive healthcare.

AAC-Where and When?

AACs are to be organized in one society or more than one society simultaneously or in one Organization or in a group of neighboring group of people. AACs are pre-planned for selected societies on yearly basis. Every year in a particular month a specific area/region is identified and an AAC is organized for the benefit of the people living in that society. An AAC is usually of min 15 days duration and in some cases depending on the population of the region may extend the camp duration to one month. In the camp region, there will be a number of ‘Aarogyam Camp–Collection Center’s (AC-CCs) spread across the region to provide easily accessible blood sample collection facilities. During the camp period the people in the region can walk into any of these ‘AC-CC’s and give their blood/urine samples for testing.

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Posted On Jul 18, 2007
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