The Importance Of The Sujok Therapy

The Importance of The Sujok Therapy
In the book Sujok Therapy, Prof. Park, Jae Woo give the clear idea of the importance of the SuJok Therapy for the Society as under
One of the best wishes of the human being would be enjoying his life in good health. A person's diseases are not limited to his own misfortune. It is directly linked to the loss to his family, his group or company and the community and the country. Therefore, it would be one of the great concerns of all races and countries wouldwide to select and disseminate the way to effectively cure such diseases.
Wrong medical policy not only brings about budget waste of the country but also makes its people suffer from a lot of inconvenience. Such social loss and aftermath may result badly in the national policy of contructing a welfare society.

The Su Jok Therapy has established an academic foundation which can make a great contribution to the world citizen's medical welfare improvement which is the pending goal of the human being with the clinical experiments and the features of the principles taken into consideration.
Now it is considered necessary to divide the system into the SuJok Thrapy for general citizens and the SuJok Acupuncture for medical professionals to realize even deeper medical effects.
If basic therapies have been developed in a society to the extent that every citizen can cure his own diseases, people will don't have to go to hospital to have minor diseases cured. For an individual he could avoid inconvenience of going to hospital for every disease or subsequent waste of time and could be freed from vague fears against diseases, thereby leading a better life.
In the meantime, the health authorities or the government will be able to save the budget necessary to build more hospitals or establish medical schools and produce more medical professionals. Such budget can be converted to urgent industrial contructions or national welfare projects.
Everybody has a right to master the knowledge and techniques for curing his own diseases.
The Su Jok Therapy is such a natural method that everybody could easily use without professional knowledge. Consequently it makes a rule not to give any injury or scar on the hands or feet which are subject to stimulus.
As mentioned above, hands and feet have the body correspondence cure system implanted by the Creator's love towards mankind. By respecting such spirit, the originator intends to make the primary therapy of the body correspondence cure system of the hands and feet all world citizens could learn and use.
The body correspondence cure system of hands and feet is simple to sufficiently learn and use within a short period of time without professional knowledge, but achieves outstanding cure effect. It does not employ professional medical tools including acupuncture needles injuring the skin. It can attain its goal sufficiently with specially devised stimulus tools or natural stimulus materials such as seed and sand. This clearly shows that the hand/foot correspondence cure system retains a feature of natural therapy.
The correspondence therapy of hands and feet and other therapies of Su Jok have meaning as the 1st medical treatment for the world citizens in the future. It is convinced that positive dissemination of these therapies will play a leading role in realizing the Su Jok Acupuncture spirit of Construction of the Health Welfare Society through General Health Improvement of Mankind.And we will have to deeply understand that the development and dissemination of such popular therapies conform to this immortal cure system where our hands and feet have been specially selected and the strong love has been implanted.
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Posted On Dec 05, 2005
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