Manners When Visiting

<b>Are you visiting relatives this summer or anytime soon? When staying over as houseguests it is imperative that your children, and you, observe certain basic rules.</b>


If your host has central air-conditioning, you may feel cold at times. If this happens, do not complain about the cold, and do not fiddle with the controls; just wear a sweater. If you have separate air-conditioning in your bedroom, ask the host before adjusting the temperature.

It is not okay to ask if you can borrow your host's hairbrush or comb.

If your children get into a fight with the children of the host, don't automatically yell at your children. Take the lead of your host. If he shouts at his child, you can shout at yours. If he just shrugs off the fight, you do too, telling the kids to sort it out amongst themselves. It is not okay to yell at your hosts' children.

<b>Your children</b>

Your children should keep their room tidy at all times. If they are messy at home, your yelling at them and telling them what an embarrassment they are sure to be when visiting, will not help. Instead, tell them that you realize they are inclined to be untidy but that they really need to keep a spotless room when staying at someone else's house, and you understand it may not be easy but it is necessary. Speak to them honestly and earnestly, and explain that it is their duty as guests to keep their rooms clean.

Bathrooms should also be kept clean. Perhaps the children have bathroom in their room, but they should leave it clean irrespective. After all you don't want your host entering the bathroom in your absence and being shocked by the mess that greets his eyes.

Children often have the habit of leaving the previous day's or previous night's clothes lying around in the bathroom. Make sure they take their clothes out with them when they leave. Also, you could ask for a laundry basket or a bucket so your children can throw clothes that need a wash in the basket instead of leaving them on the bedroom or bathroom floor.

Your children should always wake up in time to take a shower before the maids come in to clean the bathroom. If they take a shower after the bathroom has been cleaned, they should make sure they clean up. At all times, they should leave the bathroom dry.

Ask your hosts what time you should be ready for breakfast. Make sure your children are up and on time. You may want to pack an alarm clock for the kids.

Children should remember at all times that they are guests and need to behave accordingly. If they break anything, they should own up to it immediately and apologise.

They should not run around indoors in someone else's house. You don't want your hosts to be constantly on tenterhooks wondering what they're going to break next.

Tell your children not to monopolise the television remote. At no stage can they dictate what to watch.

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Posted On Mar 09, 2007
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