Bridal Shower Planning Tips

Preparing for your best friend or sibling’s wedding is one of the most memorable experiences
in life. Their joy is your joy, and seeing them happy reassures you that there is someone for
everyone and life does have happy endings. However, one of the things that you might not know
is that as the relative, best maid or bridesmaid it is your duty to plan an unforgettable bridal
shower. The bridal shower is essentially a gift giving celebration, to ‘shower’ the bride-to-be
with gifts that she will need when starting her life as a married woman.

The bridal shower planning process

Normally, bridal showers are held as early as six months before the wedding or less than a week
to the wedding. When planning a wedding shower it is important to consider aspects such as the
proximity of all the invited guests to the venue chosen for the shower. It is important to involve
the bride’s mother and sisters in the wedding shower planning process. This would be the ideal
point to decide whether on the theme of the bridal shower. Just like wedding ceremonies the
shower can take on just about any theme with some of the popular theme choices including
lingerie showers, ethnic showers, dessert showers and activity parties.

Once the theme has been chosen, it is also important to decide on the budget allocated to the
shower. Most people choose to have ‘no gift showers’ because they consider it a double gifting
process; the couple will receive gifts on the actual wedding day and if the bride also has a
bachelorette party she often receives gifts during that time as well.

The venue for the wedding shower should also be identified in advance for planning purposes.
For a large shower, it is wise to go for a catering hall or any other venue that offers adequate
space to accommodate the event. Catering halls are becoming increasingly popular venues for
social and formal events, because they provide most of the amenities required by these events
including catering services.

It is wise to create a mailing list with all the email addresses of the invited guests who have
confirmed that they will attend the bridal shower. The couple’s wedding registry can be shared
through the mailing list save the guests on the time spent searching for ideal gifts. If you choose
to go for the ‘no gift shower’ theme it is still courteous to buy the bride-to-be a group gift.

The difference between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party

It is also important to distinguish between a bridal shower and a bachelorette party.
Bachelorette parties are often celebrated during the weekend before the wedding and the gifts
given on that day are meant solely for the bride. A shower on the other hand can be held months
before the wedding and the gifts given on that day are meant for the couple getting married. Most
people tend to think that the two events are interchangeable because they are both hosted by
friends or family members of the bride-to-be and gift giving is an important aspect of both the

events. It should also be noted that both events are optional, also a bride might have two bridal
showers; one hosted by friends and the other hosted by relatives.
Posted By Anthony Johnson
Posted On Jan 28, 2012
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