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Aquarius Career

In careers, some suitable options for Aquarians are Inventors, Communications, Airlines or any Technical area of Radio or Television, and Social workers etc. Some other good careers for Aquarians are Scientist, Photographer, Astrologer, Singer, Social Worker, Inventor, or Writer.

People born under the Sign of Aquarius tend to have successful careers in the fields of communications, electronics, and aviation. They dislike being tied to a routine, and might do well out in the community working for the benefit of their fellow man in some way. Aquarius people shine in any career that offers them the scope to apply their ideals and utilize their unusual talents.

Aquarius Men

Aquarius men may discover that they can't do a 9-to-5-job. They look for unique and unusual professions that give them the freedom which they need. They may decide to work as freelancer. Adventure, creativity, independence, need to be part of their career choice, otherwise they may not waste much time with it.

Aquarius Women

Aquarius women may not find their kind of occupation for a long time and they switch from one profession to another. Professions that allow you to be free and creative may be best for them, so at one point, they may consider working as a stewardess, do special effects for the film industry, or choose a profession that has to do with the occult.

Aquarius As an Employee

Aquarians are very progressive and hardworking. They are of friendly nature but sometimes seem to be detached and impersonal. Aquarians have a gift of being at ease with their colleagues, and are often active members of societies and clubs in their spare time.