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Capricorn Male

Capricorn Male Appearance

A typical Capricorn male is typically stocky of build with sharp, penetrating eyes and prominent white teeth. You are very conscious of your appearance, and will never dress down for any occasion.

Capricorn Male Personality

You have a strong sense of the proprieties and are extremely polite, refusing to sacrifice your sense of personal dignity no matter what. You prefer avoiding the spotlight. You are very wary of close contact with others and such behavior makes you seem cold and distant to the casual acquaintance.

Capricorn Male In Love Relationships

In love relationships, Capricorn male is the most persistent one in case of sensuality of all the signs. You will never take No as an answer. You have the capability of breaking down the resistance of whomever you pursue and will never leave empty handed. Love is a necessity in your mind. You are an energetic and lustful lover. You prefer younger, naive women and very much enjoy playing the role of bedroom teacher. Even when you are old, you have a strong sex drive and will continue pursuing younger mates. You expect your mate to serve you in domestic life and physical life too. You expect a loyal friendship from your partner but will in no case accept her criticism. You will actively seek love through physical passion rather than being lovable.