Ruby - Manik

Ruby is the gemstone of Sun. For thousands of years Ruby has been considered on of the most valuable gemstones. It has got all it takes for a precious stone: a wonderful colour, excellent hardness and an overwhelming brilliance. Finer quality of ruby is an extremely rare.

Ruby gemstone must be worn by those

 Whose Zodiac sign is Leo or the sun's positions in his horoscope is weak.
 Whose horoscope, the sun is in debilitation is likely to suffer from diseases in back-bone, low and high blood pressure, heart, brain, eyes, indigestion, lungs, dyspepsia, piles, diabetes, Jaundice, hiccups, diarrhea and cholera.
 If in a birth chart, Sun is lord of an auspicious house, it will be useful for the native to wear Ruby.

Positive qualities

 The wearing of Ruby gem removes poverty, imparts prosperity, name and fame in political sphere and the son is born to the wearer.
 Ruby gem is beneficial to those who are aspirant to high office.
 Creative people, who want fame and good health, must wear Ruby gemstone.

Tests for Identification of a Real Ruby

 If you place a real ruby on an unopened lotus bud it will open up and become a blossoming lotus in a short time.
 If you place a real ruby gem in a glass jar, a red hue of light will be seen to emit from the jar.
 If pearls are put together with a real ruby gem in a silver plate and placed in sunlight, the silver plate will appear blackish, the pearls will have a red hue and the ruby will shine like the Sun.

Procedure for Wearing

Day for wearing

Ruby should be worn on Sunday.

Time for wearing

Ruby should be worn at Sunrise.


Ruby should be worn in the Ring finger.


A defective Ruby can cause great trouble to the wearer. Consult with your astrologer before wearing Ruby.