Red Coral

Red coral is the gemstone of Mars (Mangal). On account of being the master gem of the Aries and the Scorpio, coral gem removes obstacles in the way of their fortunes and increases their influences. Corals are found in many colours red, scarlet, saffron, pink to vermilion red and white.

Red Coral gemstone must be worn by those

 Men who are either pigeon hearted or defeated by their enemies.
 Whose zodiac sign is the Mars is afflicted.

Positive qualities

 Coral gemstone is useful for enhancing self-confidence, administrative capability and the power of utilizing the rights in social & political spheres.
 Coral gemstone is beneficial in deals involving buying and selling of land and properties.
 Coral gemstone prevents abortion, fever, piles, impotency, typhus, smallpox etc.
 Coral paste cures the man from cough and the heart disease.
 It is also an ideal gem for a happy marital life.

Tests for Identification of a Red Coral

 If real Coral is placed in glass of cow's milk, the color of the milk will appear pink or take on a red tinge. Imitation coral will not affect the whiteness of milk.
 If a coral is dropped in blood, blood will thicken around it.
 A true coral changes color according to the physical well-being of the wearer. It fades before the disorder in physical health is noticeable and resumes its original color when physical health is restored.

Procedure for Wearing

Day for wearing

Red Coral should be worn on Tuesday.

Time for wearing

The best time to wear a coral ring is one hour after sunrise or up to 11:00 a.m.


Red Coral should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.


A defective Coral can cause great trouble to the wearer. Consult with your astrologer before wearing Coral.