Scientific Basis of Gem Therapy

The human body is made out of five elements which remain in perfect harmony In spite of this, rare are persons who are blessed with all the virtues of life. We all have some kind of deficiency from the five elements in our body. This is where the Astro Sciences suggest remedial measures to overcome the deficiency in us with respect to the five elements, namely water, cosmic energy, fire, air, and earth. These elements are contained in our precious and semi-precious gems. Historically, there are numerous references to the use of gemstones by ancient kings to improve their fortunes. Even for winning wars, certain gemstones were recommended to the kings. In several ancient Hindu scriptures, a gemstone was said to yield huge amounts of gold per day. It implies that it brought forth immense good fortune. There are also references of gemstones in Vedas and ancient smruthis. The effect of gemstones on the micro-cosmic rays emanating from the heavenly bodies was discussed In Astodasa puranas. Buddha Bhattu has written a treaties on testing quality and effectiveness of gemstones. The benefits and the malefic effects of gemstones have been vividly described. Gemstones are minerals which pass sparking or translucent attractive colours. These colours sparkle and appeal to the aesthetic sense of human beings. When the natal chart of an individual is analysed and subjected to microscopic examination, the particular weaknesses can be deciphered.

From the ancient times, our sages suggested remedial measures for countering malefic effects f planets and proportions of malefic planetary influences and or counteracting any particular malefic effect. In a horoscope, there could be a deficiency signifying that the person won't find himself in harmony with the cosmos/ The maladjustments in the body of an individual can be properly adjusted by wearing a gemstone as per the science of gemmology. It is well recognized by savants of astrology that if used properly, gemstones are indispensable and effective tools for all the complex problems in life and can attune oneself perfectly with the cosmos.

Persons in distress and those interested in climbing up the ladder of success have been looking for aids for better luck. Gemstones are generally considered as best means to attract luck, to turn the wheel of fortune in their favour. These are very important to eliminate planetary malefic influences. The use of gemstones for attracting better luck or warding off ill effects of adverse planetary combinations and permutations is as old as astrology. It is not a fallacy. Gemmology or gem therapy has a scientific basis and rational approach and its usefulness has again assumed considerable significance as mankind has to face the onslaught of the rigours of natural calamities and chronic ailments like AIDS and Cancer.

Scientific Use

Gemstones are widely used by many people including scientists, scholars, and successful men and women because its use it logical and based on scientific principles. It has been discovered that the gemstones send out vibrations and rays from the planets have their own effect on the life on Earth. The precious gems which have the same mineral as is pre-dominant in the planet, act as a modulator of the planetary microwave vibrations. The rays of planets are supernatural and our life is controlled by these supernatural forces and power the, they modulate the cosmic vibrations in such a way that the supernatural energy emanating from the planets is converted into harmonious forces which certainly boosts the morale of the wearer.

Needless to say the gemstones are the harmonizers of planetary influences. The gems are distinguished by their hardness. Amber, coral and pearls are not minerals because they are organic substances but they are considered as gems. Natural gemstones are comparatively less attractive. Precious gemstones are very attractive and their luster itself is soothing for the eyes and other human organs.