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Gemini Male

Gemini Male Appearance

The male Gemini is tall and slim of build -- They are always eager for human contact and are friendly and persuasive. They are agile and dexterous, with a quick sharp glance that constantly seeks out new objects to question.

Gemini Male Personality

They enjoy working on several projects all at the same time, but their real adversary here is quality control. Their excess nervous energy may manifest itself in boredom. Their versatility leads them to change their life pattern several times over the course of the years. They are known among your sizeable collection of acquaintances for your wit, intelligence and verve. You are also known among your sizeable collection of acquaintances for your wit, intelligence and verve.

Gemini Male In Love Relationships

When it comes to love, they are always on the move and can't stand schedules or routine in any aspect of your life. They are a smooth convincing talker and can usually capture any female that interests them through communication alone. Their fun loving nature, passion for parties and entertainment, constant search to experience something new and different contribute to their charm. They tire easily and will take off to pursue new interests if they get bored.