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(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

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Aquarius Horoscope 2018

Year 2018 at a Glance

General Predictions

This is a good year for those who will set up more realistic goals in every aspect of your life. You shall establish new business and modernize your existing one by buying new machinery and technology. There are chances of increase in either social status or promotion in career front.2017 would see vibrant trends in work as well as finances, although personal life and matters could look downwards.The 2017 Aquarius yearly horoscope is full of unexpected surprise and events. The New Year is very benevolent enough for them to show their skills and abilities.

Career & Finance

This year 2017 is going to show Aquarius sun sign born many things. On financial front, this Year 2017 is a comfortable one. Unexpected income may come into your account. You will start giving more importance and focus totally on financial growth. Some work done earlier will bring in their benefits in terms of cash as well as kind. You will be extremely creative and will bring significant value in your job front.Those who are seeking change in the career for the better, the best time to do will be between April 2017 and July 2017. Career will be in a fluctuating and high energy phase as the year opens. You should work hard and try to focus on maximizing your gains now.

Love & Marriage

Relationship between people will be good, while the personal equation between spouse and lovers will be very pleasing and devoid of any problems.On love and romance front, it can be exciting but at the same time it can be challenging also.Marriage matters will be quite and less active this year as compared to the past. This year you will remain more family oriented and connected with family of spouse, if married.

Home & Family

The end of the year may signify some sort of problems between spouses because of the relocation-related financial problems. Unmarried couples may hope to tie their knots especially in the last quarter of the year. In essence, the whole New Year could be devoid of any major problems.To maintain happiness and stability in married life, you need to take steps first and try to manage the situations. Family life will be happy and fulfilling during this period.


The 2017 yearwill provide an opportunity to solve all health related problems. The entire year will be smooth one about general health status, while the last quarter may show bit of instability in the general health status. People belonging to this sign may need to be careful about their health, especially most common ailments like flu and stomach problems.


Aquarius sun sign born are like to travel extensively in this year 2017. Some favorable changes shall be there at your work place. You shall go on a journey which would prove beneficial for the attainment of professional training. You will be full of enthusiasm and ready to take action. Short trip will be beneficial. From June 2017 to August 2017 you might go on a journey with the objective of doing a refresher course advised by your organization. You will get a chance to visit any tourist or religious place along with family or friends.


The 2017 Aquarius yearly horoscope may not be too good for students, scholars, teachers, scholars and academicians. They may need to work hard throughout the year to get to the position of their choice and dreams.Students may not face any problems in the middle parts of the year.

Important periods in the year 2017

Best period for travel:01 June 2017 to 26 August 2017

Best period for romance/ family matters:01 May 2017 to 13 November 2017

Best period for new ventures:08 April 2017 to 15 July 2017