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Home » Astrology » Horoscope 2014 » Leo Yearly Horoscope 2014
Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
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Leo Horoscope 2014

Year 2014 at a Glance

General Predictions

You will do very well during the year 2014. However as you might have gone through a great deal last year, you might be feeling depressed and will prefer to have more personal space. Even though you will be showered with love and support, you might still feel emotionally detached. You will want to pull yourself together and make the best of this great year. You will be propelled to greater heights in various areas of your life such as your career, wealth and relationship. High social status and sweeter relationship with family and friends are expected. Month of October 2014 is great for business and tours. To avoid liver problems, control alcohol consumption and untimely foods.

Career & Finance

During year 2014 your career will be much better than last few years. While nothing might change during this year, you can tell that things are going to be good. You might have a more stable year, a year when you are not worrying about whether you'll be next year. Or you might just find out that you are going to be promoted in the coming years. All you need to know now is that you are in the right place and everything is happening to help you. You will have high potential of achieving salary increments that will enable you to improve your financial status tremendously. If you earn through commissions, sales or business, you will be able to earn even more money from these areas. You will be financially stable all this year.

Love & Marriage

For people born under Leo sign, love life will be good most of the year. Partnerships will be happy and harmony will reign. As the time passes, you may feel your mate doesn't support you as much as they could and this criticism could become destructive within the relationship if you make too much of a fuss. Compromise is the key and keeping the channels of communication open at all times. Married couples may face some troubles initially but after March there will be understanding and harmony in their lives.

Home & Family

In the year 2014, focusing on matters closer to home, you will begin to feel you are regaining contact with part of yourself that has suffered neglect and needs a bit of gentle encouragement. Sometimes family and personal life will go through ups and downs that will be more perceptible in the lives of married couples. Those who are unmarried will do better in their love and social relationships having a large circle of friends.


In year 2014 you will enjoy a sound health but with some minor precautions. Some of you may need to slow down a bit, take stock of minor symptoms and get them sorted. Do not work for long and skip your meal. Also you will need your rest; otherwise you may have minor headaches and other aches and pains. So, do not overburden yourself too much, stay relaxed.


Chance of a romantic tour with the loved one is high on cards for these people in the middle of 2014. These people are however, advised to take all the required documents along in order to enjoy the most of their tour.


Year 2014 is very good for students. You have a quick, keen mind with educational and literary interests. You are not always logical but are very alert and argumentative. Your efforts will never be fruitless. It would be better to defer important decisions to May 2014 and the period beyond that. You will be tempted to make major changes in career during this year. It would, however, be useful to avoid making any significant changes now.

Important periods in the year 2014

Best period for travel: 14 June 2014 to 15 August 2014

Best period for romance/ family matters: 21 July 2014 to 09 September 2014

Best period for new ventures:  10 March 2014 to 04 June 2014