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Leo Horoscope 2018

Year 2018 at a Glance

General Predictions

In this year 2017, you would leave your old spirit behind and start afresh in several key areas. A positive attitude and flexible approach towards everything would take you places. You'll benefit in areas of joint funds and shared resources. You are likely to establish a very intimate and satisfying relationship with someone. With all your wisdom and knowledge, you are now capable of helping friends or relatives who are dealing with some crisis. A fine time to do an in-depth study or research, possibly in new and latest discoveries.

Career & Finance

Year 2017 brings a good message for that entrepreneur and finance investor. Profitable treats and knock lucrative option front door on and receive success in every single attempt. Your confidence is is par excellence and communication very impressively. Support of associated businesses, seniors and higher authority to is received its optimal supports. They are honored for your exceptional achievement of concerned authorities. Money pour out of all directions and promote your financial situation.

Love & Marriage

In Year 2017 most Leos may witness a series of problems and discords in the marital relationship that may even create problems for children. Leos must be careful in how they handle their personal relations with their either spouses or lovers. The last part of the year may pose very delicate problems. However, with a composed mind, you can solve any problems in your marriage; December will be the month when you will see your personal relationship improving with your spouses. A calm and secured mind will solve most of the marital problems while deft handling of critical situations can help to bring about stability in the relationship.

Home & Family

It is a favorable year for the family and the love therewith related questions. Be supporting on your parents, in laws and siblings. Do not let yourself in discord, resentment and disturb the peace and the harmony in the house. Someone, whom you at the least expect try may, lead into the incorrect direction. Possibilities, around new friends will unfold engagement and ceremony in social meetings such as wedding, birth. Openly other, personal secrets do not put leads how it to a bad name. Official trips tips will be fruitful. Take an integrated nourishment and more attention for your health.


Minor health problems like blood pressure or anxiety might disturb Leos. There shall be some weakness in nervous system and intestines in February and April 2017. Your health might get affected slightly only due to excessive work load. Be careful about injuries and cramps in June. You are prone to get injury in shoulder or waist. Indication of pain and wind diseases is also there. The favorable planetary position for Leo in 2017 would bring a satisfactory relief to health from the April onwards.


You might go on a journey to upgrade your skill or for acquiring professional training. Going abroad because for business reasons or job is also seen for Leo sun sign. There are very lean chances of transfer. You might go on a journey with your spouse that will be purely a pleasure trip. Certain uncertainties will surface in the way of journeys that will be concerning your profession. You might go on a journey to a place of choice, tourist centre or a renowned temple. An invigorating pleasure trip is also on the cards with your close friends or family members.


For students and scholars, the Year 2017 may pose some problems in the first two quarters of the year. The 2017 Leo horoscope indicates academic troubles in the studies as well as research. The long awaited research scholarship may not materialize in the first half of the year. However, the second half of the year looks very promising to most Leo students.

Important periods in the year 2017

Best period for travel: 25 March 2017 to 19 May 2017

Best period for romance/ family matters: 03 May 2017 to 28 August 2017

Best period for new ventures: 25 February 2017 to 18 April 2017