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Libra Horoscope 2016

Year 2016 at a Glance

General Predictions

You will amaze everyone by producing a very high quality work/service, all credit goes to your talent and skills. Year 2016 will bring with it some challenges as well new opportunities. You will experience new avenues will open up and status will rise. At the same time existing work and opportunities could dip this year. It will be useful to remain conservative in money matters.Care should be taken in real estate/ cars etc. as well as investment. Losses possible in these areas and you should take adequate precautions. New investments/ speculation should be avoided.

Career & Finance

You will get good opportunities for the advancement of your career during the year 2016. You can attain notable achievement in exams and other kinds of competition and interviews. Luck definitely seems to be on your side.Career will be in frenzy with extreme high activity and multiple trends as the year begins. You will find financial gains and new associations at work.A gain in stock market or financial investment is a certainty in the last quarter of the year while speculators and commodity exchange traders may stand to make lot of profits. Career promotion and pay hikes are also very common for many Librans.

Love & Marriage

Marriage matters would be quite active and volatile throughout the first three months of the year. Thereafter not much activity will be present in marital matters.Love and relationships will be quite active and bring in some amount of challenges too. There will be positive trends at the beginning of the year, which could bring in a new relationship also.

Home & Family

The fist few months may not be too smooth for Librans because of an impending lack of communication between spouses. The first quarter may see Librans at odds in their married and love life. Relationship may sour during this time. The 2016 Libra yearly horoscope is very strong in the marital aspects that may eventually help them solve all pending problems in the last quarter of the year. Relationship with opposite sex will be very good in the second and third quarter while children tend to love their parents throughout the year.


Planets are not indicating any major health related problems during the year 2016. Most likely, you will enjoy a fine health through out the year. Your stamina and alertness towards food habits will have a positive effect on the overall health. This 2016 year is very favourable to Librans in the domain of health. Fine health is written all over for all Librans while they relax at their time to enjoy the goodness of life. However, the last few months of the year may pose some health problems related to circulatory system.


Overseas travelling is a certainty in the middle parts of the year.


The 2016 is quite good for students and scholars as well. The first two quarters of the year will help them achieve what they want in their academic life. Scholarships are a certainty for Libran students in the last phase of the year.Superiors and friends will appreciate Libran student’s work. Many Libran students will succeed in their exams with excellence. However, the fag end of the year may provide some moments of anxiety in the field of research studies. In the end, the New Year is a period of stability and achievements for Libran students.

Important periods in the year 2016

Best period for travel: 12 Aug 2016 to 16 Sep 2016

Best period for romance/ family matters: Between 1st September 2016 and End of the year.

Best period for new ventures: 2 May 2016 to 17 Nov 2016