Aquarius Horoscope


(Jan 20 - Feb 18)

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


You have worked hard for the success of your business and the good luck that has fallen into your lap. You now have the opportunity of being on your own and can start implementing your plans that you have nursed and developed for long. But concentrate on one thing at a time. Do no take risks in matters in which you have little knowledge.


Beware of situations which don't convince you deep down. The stars could hinder your business. Don't risk everything and take decisions calmly. The stars are particularly positive for youngsters of this sign looking for a new job or specializing in a certain field.


It is time to carry on the tradition.  Your current routine may help you to get by.  You do not need to be reminded of what you know that you can do best.  It is time for you to be the leader.  If you give all that you can, you will get much back in return.


Ideal conditions to 'get your point across' may require you to place much talk, effort or attention but have it be 'well worth it,' especially if education, health or behaviour is the subject matter. A good 'solution' may cost but also be 'well worth it.' Be patient with the 'poor attitude' of members and provide a 'strong' guidance to youth and 'dependent' personalities. Some kind of 'good news' may come in.


You will have all loose ends tied up with the help of people who really matter in high places and this will ease the cash flow. An acquaintance may come forward to seek your help and this is your chance to return a past obligation.


Friends are sure to be needy this week as some of them are having very challenging times, especially very close pals. Be there for them 'all you can.' You are always everyone's 'best friend' and now this is the time to prove it.


Your health might require your attention during the first half of the week. Therefore you should take proper care of your diet as well as routine. A complete rest is advised for those suffering from acute asthma or hypertension.


The Moon in your 7th House of Relationships this week can bring a flashy person into your life or provoke some drama from your current partner. Your chill personality can be the perfect antidote to these emotional excesses, yet if you play it too cool emotionally, this individual might lose interest in you.


If it's not a race, how come you're feeling left behind? Just keep reminding yourself that it really isn't a competition on Monday and Tuesday and you're much more likely to enjoy your trip rather than enduring it. By midweek, your attitude is buoyant -- you see the best in your surroundings and yourself. Friday and Saturday are great times to explore the native cuisine and arts and crafts of your location -- take lots of pictures so the folks at home feel like they're a part of it all.

State of Mind

Cheerful, insightful and confident.

Compatible Signs

Taurus, Scorpio

Lucky Colors

Lemon Yellow, Baby Pink

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Monday and Thursday.

Lucky Numbers

7, 15, 18. 22, 27