Aries Horoscope


(Mar 21 - Apr 19)

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Aries Weekly Horoscope


This is a good week for you to implement your new plans or schemes. Some of you are likely to purchase a piece of land to construct your own office in the near future. Others might start construction work on the land that has been acquired earlier.


This week the stars will support you in finalizing deals forged some time ago as well as new deals. This will allow recuperation of money owed. Play your cards right. Those of the third decade will be extremely busy but time is limited. It is vital to stay alert to find solutions to this problem.


Students will make their parents proud by their achievement in sports, games and competitions in this week. Great turbulence is hidden beneath the peaceful exterior.  The bristling energy that you feel in the air on Saturday night is not just an atmospheric disturbance.


Family issues and demands take center stage with low cooperation, high spending and some health issues causing minor set backs. Children of any sign appear to be likely sources. A great deal of effort appears to go into a discussion and a project. Improvement is swift.


Focus firmly on the financial gains this week. And not without a reason too. Do so, for it is a good week financially. You might be inclined to turn towards Investments or monetary transactions like dealings in share, commodities, etc. markets.


New friends are likely this week, especially near the weekend or from the events of it. Lunch and day time meetings rank most successful in business and romantic enhancements appears.


There could be a certain amount of mental stress due to anxieties regarding future. This could be a physically demanding week, which may require your survival instinct to come into action.


Strong emotions can drive you to take risks this week. It can feel liberating - and will get you attention - to be this bold in the pursuit of romance, yet you might come on too strong. You may be in a hurry, but an indecisive individual will appreciate you more if you can give him or her more time to think.


Keep all communication short and simple, especially if you're arranging other tickets, reservations or lodgings at the start of the week. Over explaining the situation just leads to more confusion, so be straight with whomever you're dealing with. Wednesday and Thursday, hit the hot spots and live as the locals do. You might just come across a few customs you want to take back home with you.

State of Mind

Frustrated when encountering 'poor cooperation'.

Compatible Signs

Leo, Capricorn

Lucky Colors

Sea Green, Maroon

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Monday and Tuesday.

Lucky Numbers

9, 12, 19, 25, 90