Gemini Horoscope


(May 21 - Jun 21)

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope


In Business, you might be required to work hard and arrange funds for some sort of unforeseen expenses before you can clinch an important deal or sign a prestigious contract. You should be serious in this regard since this project has the potential for long-term benefits. Hence, you must put in all your efforts to make it a success.


Something is making you dissatisfied and pessimistic but the Stars are favourable and you can expect some rewarding times ahead. Just be patient! Promising planetary movements offer those with an ascendant in Cancer a great week ahead. A good time for consolidating your professional position.


Do not try to give opinions on the issues that you do not fully understand!  You will win admiration if you say what you truly feel instead of what other people want to hear.  You must reassess your values.  Generosity reflects the goodness of the heart.


Fear and worry may mar for some reason and keeping it 'under wraps' may be the wiser move. Children and elders may have the most 'needs', driving expense and errands up. Minor mistakes can include banking errors, discipline calls and dealings with children. Relief comes quickly with the new moon.


You may have to bear expenses relating to your love life. However a note of caution: you may over-indulge when it comes to spending. You may go out on an outing with your family for spiritual or self development.


Friends are a great distraction this week and making plans to gather with them both daytime hours and evenings is a good idea. Enjoy shared hobbies but keep discussions of a personal nature 'to yourself'.


Hard work may cause physical strain. Mental strain may also cause deterioration of health. Beware of minor injuries. You may complete pending work which may cause excess strain. Emotional upsets can cause a bit of problem also.


Your ruling planet Mercury glides into your 5th House of Romance this week to increase your chances for love. Just be your usual charming self and remember to listen almost as much as you talk. This makes you especially inviting and, even if you don't connect, will definitely give you opportunities to try.


You might feel out of your league at the week's beginning, but it's just a temporary state of affairs. Sit with your feelings and don't force yourself to do anything that feels uncomfortable, especially if you've just arrived at this place. Wednesday and Thursday, you get your groove back and in spectacular way. Bring it and smile for the cameras. Friday and Saturday, indulge in a little nesting, whether you're staying in a hotel room, tent or bungalow by the beach.

State of Mind

Easily 'tweaked'.

Compatible Signs

Aquarius, Pisces

Lucky Colors

Brown, Golden

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Monday and Friday.

Lucky Numbers

5, 9, 12, 43, 44