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(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Why commit to a course of action when the idea-generating phase is going so well? Tell anyone who's pressing you for a decision to hold on at the beginning of the week and give them an idea of why they'll be glad they did. Add extra intuition to your already amped-up intellect - you're particularly sensitive to existing circumstances, so much so that you can anticipate what's coming next.


This week your success at work could make someone envious. Be prepared for this and don't take all the praise. The sky suggests those of the first decade consider proposals from abroad.


Once setbacks force you to make many repairs, you cannot afford to lose valuable information. You will not have to wait long for positive results.


Some of the 'old ways' things are done may start to 'get on your nerves' early in the week, launching a strong desire for change and 'updating.' Plan and investigate expense and then 'sit them down,' to hash out your ideas. Spending does appear to go on the rise but it may be almost a 'necessity' since travel, repairs, celebrations and parties seem causes.


The efficiency of the Leos is likely to increase greatly this week. You will be able to earn much more money than your normal levels and are likely to get recognition for the work in same proportion. The financial constraints that you felt last week will be gone. The opposition to your strategies will also fade away and you will be able to accomplish a lot


Friends may be extending invitations that pique your interest but may dip too solidly into either your wallet or your time budget, especially time away from more pressing demands and needs. Tactfully decline if some of your friends are extending.


Please exercise due caution while driving as there are indications of injury/ accident. Health needs extra care in this week. Watch out against gastric troubles and putting on excess weight. Regular exercise will be beneficial for you to keep you fit and fine.


The Moon in your sign this week heats up your emotions and is likely to trigger some drama in your personal life. The good news is that it can be the thrill of romance that gets your heart pounding now. Whatever you feel will be bigger than usual, so tone it down if it's taking you in the wrong direction.


Why didn't you pack an eye-patch and a parrot in your suitcase? You really are quite a swashbuckler, whether you're cutting through bureaucratic red tape with your devastating charm or leading your travel group into uncharted and lively waters.

State of Mind

A bit too 'loaded' at times and seeking change big time early in the week.

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius, Capricorn

Lucky Colors

Navy Blue, Peach

Lucky Days

Your lucky day this week will be Monday.

Lucky Numbers

1, 8, 34, 53, 83

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