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Home » Astrology » Horoscope 2014 » Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
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Leo Weekly Horoscope


You start the week in a kind of daze, but get quite a bit done anyway! It's a good time to take care of old business. Tuesday and Wednesday are almost perfect for you and you should feel confident reporting your big successes to all outlets. Your P.R. pretty much takes care of itself, though.


Thanks to your co-workers' and your own initiative, a project will go well but you'll manage to get most of the credit. An unexpected hitch will slow things down for those of the first decade. They must stay calm and try not to put the blame on anyone.


A desire to advance your career will inspire you to work sincerely towards achieving your objectives during this week. Some of you may decide to go abroad for further studies. Do not get entangled in secret activities it may affect your career adversely.


Cooperation is good or 'the best' it will be all week, especially from parents. Let them know your needs and what they can do to 'step up to the plate to help.' Long talks may be necessary to 'avert' an internal problem, especially with young member 'over money.' A gathering may have its problems but appears 'worth the effort' and enjoyable after all.


Your financial position will be good for the week. All travel-related work will go well and are likely to prove fruitful. Those seeking employment overseas will get favourable offers. This will be a favourable week for matters related to heart.


Friends extend invitations and if they are to family events, especially the upcoming holidays, you may want to think over 'appropriateness' and/or 'fit' for yourself. Feeling or being uncomfortable because you will 'not know anyone there' but your friend,' is likely.


The week is favourable for enjoying good health and vitality most of the time. This time frame is likely to be one of the most favourable ones during this year and would bless you with progress and prosperity.


Big emotions and grand gestures may not have the dramatic effect you're looking for this week. Being more modest and down to earth may not sound sexy, but it's what can work to earn you affection. Your willingness to humbly serve others pays off in getting the love you desire.


Being businesslike gets you exactly where you want to go on Monday, but make sure you don't get distracted by an unnecessary detail. Travel is much more sensuous and sweet on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially if you pay attention to your immediate surroundings and making them homier. You can't wait to mix and mingle on Thursday and Friday and with good reason -- your charm is off the charts. Find some local events to attend.

State of Mind


Compatible Signs

Gemini, Aries, Aquarius

Lucky Colors

Gold, Yellow

Lucky Days

Your lucky day this week will be Sunday.

Lucky Numbers

2, 12, 13, 34, 42