Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope


One definition of intelligence is the ability to make real, substantive connections between two seemingly disparate or separate entities. Whether it comes to ideas, people or resources, the first four days of the week are prime time for you to show off your smarts. Later on in the week, get down to the nitty gritty.


There are some major changes at work in your sector so you can aspire to a higher position with more responsibility. Many youngsters looking for a job can find something, albeit temporary, which is definitely satisfying and well paid.


Students will get motivated to study hard and will achieve remarkable results in the tests and exams. Those completing their education will do so with distinction and will get absorbed in organizations of repute. Some of you will set-up your own office working as consultants with good beginning.


Your week may move rather fast, hold a great many goals and be filled with several 'hot' opportunities, both personal/romantic and especially career. For that reason, you will need family cooperation. Get them all 'on the same page,' delegate out duty, post expectations and have 'frequent' meetings, chats, messages and reminders. Beef up security around the house as well since some of you are vulnerable to fire and theft hazards.


For you, this is a week consecrated to professional development. Those who have a financial reserve might make long-term investments – children’s professional training, supporting their studies abroad, buying land or building a home. Leo men tend to spend much on their life partners while investors might want to wait patiently for their business to become profitable.


Friends are the essential energy this week! Celebrate their successes, accept their invitations and hang out with as 'wide a variety' of them and in the most unusual places that you can for both business and personal success.


You must have your lifestyle attentively watched, as you tend to ruin your health by working excessively for great dreams and raises that you don’t deserve. In fact, money, love-life and health, are so well interlaced that we can’t speak of one without relating it to the other. In this area, a diet might work wonders.


This should be an exciting week as the Moon is lighting up your adventurous 9th house. This is perfect for meeting people from different cultures or in educational settings. Travel also opens the way to romance by meeting someone on the road or by finding inspiration in the stories of voyagers that open up your heart.


At the week's start, it's a good idea to shut out the extraneous noise and escape into your own world. In other words, don't try and do too much, no matter how many must-see items you have on your travel itinerary. Unplug those communication devices and watch the clouds roll by.

State of Mind

Insightful and expansive

Compatible Signs

Taurus, Libra

Lucky Colors

Royal Blue and Sky Blue

Lucky Days

Your lucky days will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lucky Numbers

2, 7, 11, 19, 32