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Home » Astrology » Horoscope 2014 » Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Applause is overrated as the week gets going. Do the work and let the feeling of accomplishment be your reward; the accolades will come. Wednesday and Thursday are much better suited to a making a coup, giving a presentation or giving your own horn a little toot.


You'll be extremely inspirational so will overcome any doubts and incertitude about a task for which you are responsible. Nevertheless, ask co-workers for help. Destiny will be particularly generous towards those with a great deal of inventiveness. They will be able to accomplish really excellent affairs.


Students will have good week. Try to make the best of an imperfect situation!  If you start moving fast, you can still succeed with another approach.  The best help will come from far away. Do not lose faith when you hear disappointing news! The journey ahead of you is a long one.


Don't force an issue, especially with Libra, Aries or Capricorn. Better to stall, back off or play ignorant. Communications may be better for you than several other members more affected by Mercury retrograde. You are prone to see things more clearly than other members and it now becomes time to 'push your point across' for their own good. Demands on your time, money and patience do escalate but return to normal.


You’ll financially improve if you can handle the professional challenges effectively now. Success is only a few steps ahead. Notwithstanding the most of your endeavours would be successful and financial gains would also be more than satisfactory.


Shared hobbies and events can be very enjoyable this week, especially near invitations or plans that include the whole weekend. Being seen as social and a 'heavy mixer' may also bode well for your career life. Networking is very successful this week.


You might experience ups and downs on the health front. Thus you should not undertake any strenuous or jobs involving tension. However, you should look after the health of an elderly in the family that may require medical attention.


It may be hard to avoid stepping on toes if you don't manage your enthusiasm this week. Coming on strong can make someone go the other way. Show how you can be of service, and how a partner can serve you, and the threads of romance will be more likely to come together than with a rowdy good time.


This week, you'll get a chance to shine when someone notices a certain skill or knack of yours. If you find yourself under a spotlight with a microphone in your hand, don't be too surprised -- being center stage is second nature to you. Wind down with a meaningful conversation with a sympathetic local or a traveling companion.

State of Mind

Taxed at times

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius, Aquarius

Lucky Colors

Sea Shell, Tan

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Thursday and Sunday.

Lucky Numbers

6, 8, 14, 22, 41