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Home » Astrology » Horoscope 2014 » Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Be ready for some criticism this week. If it doesn't feel constructive, breathe deep and explore with questions instead of getting bent out of shape. Then all through the middle of the workweek, you're in the zone if the stars have their say. Your best skills -- the interpersonal, the presentational, the imaginative -- are extra sharp now and you're particularly attuned to how others can best contribute, too.


A good moment for making new contacts; these could be influential soon as regards your future choices. For those with an Ascendant in Taurus, a positive week especially thanks to extra income. Luck will support those who follow their own initiative.


Do not be afraid of being pushy!  You deserve recognition for the contributions that you have made.  If you paid your dues, you have the right to some privileges.  Sometimes you have to make some tough choices in order to keep things the way you want them to be.  A friendship might be at stake.


The need to 'make a change' of some kind may reveal itself strongly this week. Your stars say do not 'push an issue' connected with that change or if it involves Cancer, Aries, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius members. Your 'best days' to reason with members are the last two days of the week and you can be persuasive and helpful. Fun gatherings and events that show 'family expansion' are likely.


You will be getting ready for an important business trip. If you act confidant, the deal is in your pocket. Strong mars in house of luck will bless you with the Midas touch. Competition will reduce. Just handle all legal matters on top priority basis.


Friends may try to be very helpful this week if you display anything from panic to excitement. They are anxious to help solve problems or celebrate victories. Send out the 'right message.'


The period under consideration is favourable for enjoying good health most of the time. People close to you will extend support to enable you to further strengthen your position. You are required to take necessary steps for your health as and when required.


The Sun enters your 4th House of Roots on Wednesday, which can make you more self-reflective than usual. A more serious tone takes the lightness out of relationships but will help you discover important issues about yourself. Defining your priorities helps you let go of what (or who) you no longer need.


Your expectations are running on Monday, but you might have to adjust your idea of what's good and what's bad on this journey. For example, something 'bad' might results in something 'good'. So keep an open mind and determine to make the most of the possibilities.

State of Mind

Eager and excited

Compatible Signs

Sagittarius, Aries

Lucky Colors

Burgundy, Maroon

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Monday and Friday.

Lucky Numbers

22, 24, 45, 50, 56