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Home » Astrology » Horoscope 2014 » Leo Weekly Horoscope
Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)
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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Work may contain drama as the week begins. Strive to keep your responses appropriate -- if you can't beat them, do not join them! Your calm makes you an oasis of sanity. No wonder people come to you for answers and connections. Then around the weekend, answers and connections tend to come to you.


You'll have to work hard and trust in your intuition without letting yourself be influenced by others' opinions. You'll have an opportunity to study and increase your knowledge. An unexpected hitch will slow things down for those of the first decade. They must stay calm and try not to put the blame on anyone.


If Students work hard for their study, they will definitely achieve success. Success and honors received through their own efforts will make them self-confident and proud of their achievements.


Keep your ego in your pocket and set it aside should you find a 'clash of wills' unfolding with parents. Squabbles over child rearing, discipline and behavior are very likely to unfold. Serious levels of distress can rob sleep and peace unless great tact is used and prevention methods prevail.


Financially the phase ahead will be good for you. The employed will get on well with their employers and associates. If you work conscientiously even under the most difficult circumstances, you would achieve success in your job. However, you are advised to become very economical in your spending.


Friends can help you keep things 'on an even keel' this week, especially with good sound input from old ones. Find a pal who is living the 'opposite' kind of life you are and do some serious talking. It could be your eyes are opened by their life or the lack in it!


The week is favourable for enjoying good health and vitality. Health issues will come under control with new diet and exercises. Pregnant ladies should be very careful this week. Health will get better with new medication.


The Sun enters your sign, which should get your heart beating faster with anticipation. The message is to take risks to bring more joy to a current connection or step up your game to make a new one. Showing more confidence this week helps as long as you don't come on too strong.


Frankly, you can't get behind this whole fanny-pack-and-sneakers travel aesthetic and why should you? A savvy explorer knows how to be stylish wherever she is. Bring items that do double duty. A big pair of sunglasses makes you look right at home whether you're in the jungle or on the streets.

State of Mind

In need of 'abandoning ego' but sound overall

Compatible Signs

Taurus, Libra

Lucky Colors

Red, Deep Pink

Lucky Days

Your lucky days will be Wednesday and Friday.

Lucky Numbers

2, 5, 14, 22, 45