Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Getting someone to be clear about their agenda means more than just calling them out this week. Finesse it. Then, if your heart's in it, your work's going to be spectacular. Do you believe in the overall mission? Are your goals clear? If not, this is an excellent time to find your passion and get on the right path for you.


This week you'll be able to feel satisfied and at ease professionally speaking. You will have great energy for communication. Those who have professional contact with abroad could have the opportunity for a transfer or promotion. The stars recommend thinking about it!


If Students work hard for their study, they will definitely achieve success. Success and honors received through their own efforts will make them self-confident and proud of their achievements.


Your week appears 'mottled' with challenges in both personal and career so garnering family support, cooperation and understanding ranks first. Extra work would be typical, damaged egos may create a 'mini crisis,' especially if closed person is involved and mistaken 'spending,' possibly on your part in an attempt to 'solve' rounds out the list. Your energy is fatigued but family dynamics drastically improve 'for the day.'


Financially the phase ahead will be good for you. The employed will get on well with their employers and associates. If you work conscientiously even under the most difficult circumstances, you would achieve success in your job. However, you are advised to become very economical in your spending.


Do 'as much as you can' and not 'all that you can' for pals in crisis this week, especially if it hits or involves your best pals. If there is any kind of 'rift' between those signs; stay out of it! Egos are too easily damaged this week and fingers too quickly pointed in your direction if they do! Miss this one, and you'll have a 'normal week.' Some of you will not, however.


You need to be cautious of your hard work. It may cause physical strain. Mental strain can affect your health too. You need to be cautious of minor injury. You may complete pending work which can be emotionally upsetting or cause you physical strain.


Find a way to feel "new," as if being introduced to society for the first time. Your sense of play and inner confidence make you attractive to the right people now. Knowing what you want is the best way to get it, while being too soft and fuzzy may prevent the trust and intimacy you want.


This week you'll be amazed at how much you have to explore and you can't wait to get started. A little organization makes it easier for you to tackle everything on your must-see list. Don't be afraid to take a detour if something intriguing catches your eye, though.

State of Mind

Busy and heavily loaded with duty and 'navigation' challenges

Compatible Signs

Taurus, Aquarius

Lucky Colors

Yellow & Pink

Lucky Days

Your lucky days will be Thursday and Friday.

Lucky Numbers

7, 14, 21, 22, 27