Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope


There will be certain new developments around you that bring an opportunity for growth. Accept fresh proposal for a job or business, which may entail a lot of travel. Financially the week is full of promise. Those dealing in landed estate, stock market, food-grains, transportation and consumer goods; will make handsome profit through their new transactions.


Don't lose your cool with an envious co-worker. Try to simply understand the reasons for his or her hostility. Those with an Ascendant in Taurus will be far more cordial and extrovert in interpersonal relationships; they will be mature and try to help those in difficulty.


Do not allow people who waste your time to suck your imagination dry!  Do not be intimidated by the scarecrows!  Pay your necessary dues!  Positive psychic energy swirls in the air.  Definite and clear instructions will be handed to you on a silver platter.


'Growing demands' may seem to be the buzz phrase for family life this week, especially when both time and money become a premium. Use this week as your best to negotiate cooperation from youth, elders, in-laws and other members. A 'big project' may make itself known and appears to take up to weeks to accomplish.


You are having a good time no matter whether your pocket is filled with money or not. Big sings of financial improvement for Leos. However, you need to avoid impulsiveness. Otherwise, you may make some mistakes in your professional life.


Friends may extend invitations this week and they can have to do with visits, visiting, small holiday weekends or the actual 'big holidays' this fall/winter. Much will depend upon both your financial and career status as to 'if you can accept.' Stalling is wise at this time.


Take care of your body and it will take care of you -- it's hard not having a routine, so health maintenance issues are even more important when on the road. Your sex appeal is running high on the weekend, so flirt, dance and dine the days away.


The Moon in your sign increases your emotional temperature this week. The highs are higher, but the lows could be lower too. If you're in a relationship now, it could become dramatic. Don't push too hard, though, unless you've really had enough and are serious about walking out the door.


Generally you have no problem expressing yourself, but if you're speaking a language that's not native to you, you might need some help with the trickier bits on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, your charismatic personality makes verbal communication unnecessary -- everything falls right into place just where you need it. Take your time on Friday and Saturday, especially with the little things. Everything depends on them, you know.

State of Mind

Very Impatient.

Compatible Signs

Aries, Cancer

Lucky Colors

White, Beige

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Friday and Sunday.

Lucky Numbers

4, 9, 14, 35, 44