Leo Horoscope


(Jul 23 - Aug 22)

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Leo Weekly Horoscope


Who do you want to persuade and what is it you want them on board for? Aim high during this week, ask for more than you want and you're highly likely to get the green light. Over the next few days, however, you'd best tone it way down, taking your cues from others and responding to the ambient climate instead of getting all proactive.


This week work relations could be slightly torturous and difficult. Luckily you will be able to extricate yourself and express clearly what's going wrong. If you are self-employed, you will be fascinated and attracted by the possibility to set up short term projects which could help you advance in your career.


Keep checking that mailbox for a welcome surprise!  Although an extreme shift makes adjustment arduous, help is on the horizon.  Invest only in essentials!  You will soon need funds in reserve.  Although strife is entirely unavoidable, crises can be assuaged through relief that comes at a heavy price.


You show a lot of work/demands early in the week with elders and some youth being likely sources of 'need' both financial and effort wise. Some kind of 'good news' may launch a last minute celebration; keep costs reasonable. Visiting relatives from 'afar' are likely this week. Spending does escalate if you do get company.


Happiness in financial matters overall although committing to new loans should be avoided. Good financial progress due to gains from rent & other fixed sources of income is indicated. Investment should be avoided, unless it is for property. Major investment decisions should be left to others.


Friends are very helpful with career needs and networking early in the week. Ask your best and trust worthy friends for the best results, especially if you need 'an industry insider' or to connect to money/power people.


You'll stay well. You need to be more caring toward your family members' health. Those of you who have just recovered from a spell of illness should be careful regarding their health. The work pressure is likely to increase in near future; therefore you should take necessary steps so that it does not affect your health.


This can be a great week for connecting. Use the phone, email or IM to reach out to loved ones, or just get out in your neighbourhood, and your social life could become very busy. If you're already in a love relationship, taking plenty of time to talk without a sense of urgency will strengthen your partnership.


Throw yourself in the deep end on this expedition and see how you feel. Easing into an activity will just leave you feeling like you're catering to your fears and that's not your style. Bold sensuality is the name of the game this week, so make sure to experience this place through the senses as well as with the intellect.

State of Mind

Heavily invested.

Compatible Signs

Gemini, Libra

Lucky Colors

Light Steel Blue, Maroon

Lucky Days

Your lucky days will be Saturday and Sunday.

Lucky Numbers

0, 1, 11, 16, 18