Libra Horoscope


(Sep 23 - Oct 23)

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Libra Weekly Horoscope


You will have an interesting week beginning with meeting some of your contacts with whom you can have a stimulating discussion leading to a firm line of action. Business will require you to put in some hard work and some boring but essential form filling before you can submit your proposal. However you can delegate some work to your juniors who will be happy to be trained in this fashion.


This week you'll be more eloquent than usual and this will make you more confident both in your personal life and at gaining promotion. If you work independently, you'll have to be really careful. Because of the Astral position, your initiatives will not always work out perfectly.


There is no need to panic, you must not give up.  The current crisis looks much bigger than it actually is.  If you stay patient for a few days, the storm will blow over on its own.  Your best course of action is to just do nothing.  


Spending may go on the rise but be 'necessary.' A 'meeting of the minds' may help to solve a problem and/or cheer a member. Cooperation is up even though there may be problems to solve and issues to quell. Overall news is 'good' to excellent for some members, especially spouse, in-laws and elders. Health issues may dominate some effort time. Avoid making any 'judgement calls' and 'zip your lip' big time to 'keep the peace.'


If you are planning repairs or renovation of your house for making it more spacious and comfortable you would better start getting into touch with people who will carry out your wishes and get estimates so that you can work out the financial estimates.


Friendship too, is very favourable this week, especially in upgrades in status as closer ties are formed with pals and some even upgrade from friend to lover! Most of your old friends appear productive and progressive.


Some of you may be attacked with some water-borne diseases. And some can be the victim of climate change. Minor headache and pain in joints may cause sufferings. Consult your family doctor immediately.


This is a very complex week since you can hit an emotional bottom and then bounce back up. It's fine to fall into a negative place if you're able to move through it. Cleaning up old issues is the key to getting all the benefits of feeling much more desirable as lovable Venus enters your sign.


You feel like you're working overtime to keep everything under control on Monday and Tuesday, but even you need to find a way to let the air out now and then. Your trip will be more enjoyable for it. So find a way midweek to express you: take an art class, explore the marketplace and have fun without being self-conscious. This is your journey, too.

State of Mind

Cheerful despite the attitudes of others.

Compatible Signs

Gemini, Cancer

Lucky Colors

Bright Green, Purple

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Thursday and Friday.

Lucky Numbers

2, 4, 6, 8, 10