Taurus Horoscope


(Apr 20 - May 20)

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope


There will be sudden new developments at work that could necessitate change in strategy. You are still able to follow your goal though it is postponed or revised. An overseas business is also predicted for some of you. Several opportunists will try to jump on to your bandwagon for personal gains. You have simply to ignore them. In fact, it would be wiser for you to work independently to safeguard your position.


With the stars looking kindly on you from above, the week will be fruitful. Extra cash and possible winnings are foreseen. As an employee, accept the duties which have been given to you; avoid doing things your way as this could irritate a superior.


Students may not be very happy with their grades. Do not let this chance at fortune slip through your fingers.  You might be unaware of the importance of current events; but your future is at stake.  You must carefully consider the next step and start taking notes.  


Money may feel like it is 'running' out of your pocket and need, large or small, ranks highest in 'priority.' Cooperation from members wanes, especially with spouse, parents. Your 'judgement/s' may fall to the 'harsh' side and time should be taken to insure all info is 'out' before steps are taken. Caution with elder members is advised.


There are bright chances for additional finance this week. You may encounter chances to earn profits in investments. However you are advised not to jump to conclusions and examine all aspects critically before you take any decision. You may be inclined to experiment or launch a new initiative.


Friends who 'mean well,' may lay more info on you than is wise for you to act upon without first giving issues a great deal of time; especially in any 'he said/she said' situations. Keep pals for shared hobbies and fun gatherings this week and leave your personal life out of discussions.


Those suffering from some ailment or the other can hope for a swift recovery this week. You can look for an improvement in mental and physical health on the whole. Generally a good week health-wise.


Be mature about it if you don't get your way this week. Your ruling planet Venus meets insatiable Pluto, which can intensify doubts about getting what you want. If you feel fear or excessive desires, don't forget about others. Being generous when you don't think there's enough for you is a magnet for romance.


Express yourself on Monday and Tuesday, even if what you need to express is your frustrations. After all, how can you have a good time on this trip if you're keeping everything all locked up inside? Midweek, your need for self-expression takes a much more flamboyant and lively turn, whether that means adopting a local costume, participating in a show or just otherwise letting your inner diva out to have fun.

State of Mind

Vulnerable and slightly gullible while given to making 'poor judgement calls'.

Compatible Signs

Virgo, Libra

Lucky Colors

Grey, Off-White

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Saturday and Sunday.

Lucky Numbers

4, 8, 13, 14, 48