Virgo Horoscope


(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope


You have another fortunate week ahead of you. Do all that you can to cash in on the lucky breaks coming your way? Distant affairs can be made more profitable with the co-operation of close associates. The financial propositions that are put to you are apt to be more profitable and could lead to increase in earnings.


This week you'll want to be recognized and this is natural but make sure you use the right methods and be objective. Too much aggression will be negative. Those born in the 3rd decade could be irritated by some unresolved matter. The Stars advise avoiding arguments - everything will work out for the best.


Students may get admissions to universities abroad. Colleagues and associates will be helpful and the self-employed will expand their enterprise profitably. You must prepare for the best and expect the worst. You must take your last chance before you are overcome by too many distractions.  


One irritation after another may claim your patience this week especially when you appear restless and insecure and when spending mistakes are most likely. The behaviour of 'dependent personalities' may rob your focus and humour along with the 'outright rebellion' that may be afoot in youthful members. Call a family 'meeting' if push comes to shove.


An easy inflow of money makes this an auspicious week. However, those of you awaiting news of promotion or an important posting may have to be patient. Those who are pursuing loan from bank will get their loan sanctioned.


Several reasons to gather may have your social calendar with pals booked big time, especially for lunches, after hours shared sports and hobbies and last minute 'needs' they may have near the end of the week.


The health of an elder causes concern. Health will be well. But a family member’s health may cause worries. Try to do your routine exercise to keep your body fit and fine. Some mental stress may disturb your health.


It's all too easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize relationships now. Your sharp mind and tender feelings can make small hurts seem like major wounds. If you're stuck in a loop from the past, push through it and live in the present. Problems can be fixed when you start focusing on finding solutions.


Finding new ways to think about old problems leads to a surprising solution during your travels at the beginning of the week, especially when you give your emotions a little room to work themselves out. You're proud of yourself and rightly so. Do something midweek to celebrate.

State of Mind

Emotional and impatient.

Compatible Signs

Taurus, Sagittarius

Lucky Colors

Cream, Mauve

Lucky Days

Your lucky days this week will be Monday and Wednesday.

Lucky Numbers

9, 16, 22, 29, 40