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JUPITER : Planet of Luck

Planet Jupiter Jupiter is the Lord of Dhanu Rashi [Sagittarius] & Meen Rashi [Pisces]. It is also known as "The Minister" in the planetary cabinet. It rules yellow colour and its temperament is mild, benign and soft hearted. It is the preceptor of God and it is linked with treasury. It represents hips, fat tissues, blood, hearing power and physical development.


The Jupiter is primary significator of husband and it rules preaching of spirituality, services with states, teaching, law, financial institutions, advisory roles etc. It shows your values, where you feel confident and in control, and where you feel you have something to teach others. The sign placement of Jupiter describes your values in life and house placement shows the area of life where you feel luckiest and the area where you receive the most help from other people and from the cosmos. The aspect pattern shows the direct network of good and administrative power in your life.

Transit of Jupiter

The effects of Jupiter's transit through the various houses as counted from the Janma-Rashi will be as follows:

 Gain of money and commodities
 Fear, sickness
 Loss of money, fear
 Gain, happiness
 Sickness, distress
 Respect, happiness
 Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental
 Happiness, enhanced prestige, respect from others
 Humility, i.e., loss of respect
 Happiness, gain of money
 Sickness, fear

Exalted Signs [Strong]: Cancer

JUPITER is exalted in Cancer particularly in 15 degree. When it is strong then it denotes the fields of top political and administrative positions, chairmen of industrial establishments, contractors, financial advisors, bankers, king, lawyers, teachers, management experts and administrators etc. and it give growth, expansion, optimism, faith, humor, idealism and good power of judgment.

Debilitation Signs [Weak]: Capricorn

JUPITER is debilitated in Capricorn. When it is weak then it causes lymphatic and circulatory congestion, thrombosis, anemia, tumors, jaundice and other liver complaints, ear problems, asthma, diabetes etc.


A planet is considered to be benefic when it provides very positive influences. JUPITER is benefic when it is in Virgo & Libra.


A planet is considered to be malefic when it provides very negative influences. JUPITER is malefic when it is in Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn.