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Leo Career

In careers, some suitable options for Leo are Architecture, Musician, Inventor, Professional Athlete, Education, Chemist, Physician, Public Speaker, Minister, Entertainment, Managerial Positions, Executive Positions, Politician and Publicist etc. Some other good careers for Leos are Manager, Actor, Lawyer, Politician, Computer Programmer, Director, or Small Business Owner.

People born under the Sign of Leo have a strong tendency towards the dramatic. They constantly need to have their efforts recognized in public. Working behind the scenes isn't very appealing to the typical Leo, who would normally prefer to take the center of every stage. Leos enjoy being the boss. Leo makes great role models since the signature qualities of leadership, truth and justice are ones that they seek.

Leo Men

Leo men like professions where they can be the one in charge, who organizes and leads the team. Project-oriented professions that require creativity are perfect for Leo, because their main motivation is to get the credit and applause in the end.

Leo Women

Leo women would do well in any kind of business where they need to find new clients or customers for their company. They win people over in no time, and therefore, jobs in sales, marketing, or consulting would be excellent for Leo women.

Leo As an Employee

Leos can be difficult to work with in team situations due to their unrelenting tendency towards self-promotion, but they are not bad people at heart. These are natural showpeople and will keep customers happy with their warm and sunny disposition. As long as they receive a bit of recognition, they can be very productive and versatile employees. They lend till their last penny and are firm believers in the concept of "what goes around comes around".