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Libra Career

In careers, some suitable options for Libra are Diplomat, Judge, Umpire, Counselor, Psychologist, Artist, Intellectual Projects, Architect, Mediator, Art Dealer, Landscaper, Attorney, Public Service, and all Occupations related to Beauty, Harmony and Justice. Some other good careers for Libra are Writer, Astrologer, Interior Decorator, Painter, Game Show Host, Lawyer, or Prime Minister.

People born under the Sign of Libra are generally very ambitious at their jobs, but can hide this ambition for strategic reasons behind an air of insouciance and unruffled calm. Librans do not like to hurt anyone and will work as hard as they can in a diplomatic way to keep this from happening.

Libra Men

Libra men are concerned about what's right and wrong, and they strive to create a balance within and around them. They have the ability to detach themself from situations, and see things in an impartial way. Due to their great people skills, they are also a great coach or agent for artists, or even become an entertainer.

Libra Women

Libra Women want to make use of their charm and grace in expression; therefore, a representative position that brings them together with all kinds of people would be ideal. They make a wonderful psychotherapist, or a human resources manager. Helping and supporting people who turn to them for guidance, gives pleasure and joy to Librans.

Libra As an Employee

Librans are efficient, but they require a perfect environment to work. Those governed by this Sign will assume the role of peacemaker when quarrels arise and will be adept at clearing the air of disagreements. It will be difficult to determine exactly what annoys and what pleases Libra individuals. Libra persons bring a calming influence to their places of work.