Line Of Heart

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The line of heart an important of the hand. The Heart Line is the horizontal line above the Head Line. It is found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers.

This line represents the matters of the heart, both physical and metaphorical It is believed to be line of emotions. It represents the attraction of the sexes from natural causes. The line of heart should be deep, clear, and well colored.

Some of variations of lifeline and its representations are discussed below.

 A heart line that rises between the first and the second fingers, is the most favourable sign on the hands of Man or Woman, this sign represents calm temperament in matters of the heart. Such persons are quieter and more subdued in their passions.

 A heart line that rises from the center of Jupiter, gives the highest type of love-the pride and worship of the heart's ideal. A man possessing such a line is strong, and reliable in his affections, he believes that the woman of his choice wouldl be great, noble, and famous. Such a man has far less love - affairs than the man with the line from Saturn.

 A heart line that rises from the Mount of Saturn represents more passion. Such a person is less expressive as compared to those with line of Jupiter. When such line rises very high on the Mount then such a person is far more passionate and sensual than any of the others.

 When the line of heart forks, with one branch resting on Jupiter, the other between the first and second fingers, it is a sign of a happy, calm nature good fortune, and happiness in affection, but when the fork is so wide that one branch rests on Jupiter, the other on Saturn, it then denotes a very uncertain disposition, and such a person doesn't intend to make the marital relations happy because of his temprament.