Shapes Of Hand

Elementary Hand
In appearance it is coarse and clumsy, with large, thick, heavy palm, short fingers and short nails. The important point in elementary hand.... more »

Square Hand
The square hand has a square palm, a square wrist, square at the base of the fingers and the fingers and nails are also square.... more »

Spatula Hand
The fingers of this hand are flattened like a spatula. The most characteristic feature is the large thumb. It is extremely broad.... more »

Conical Hand
This hand has smooth fingers, the nails of which are shaped like cones, giving the hand its name. The palm is broad, thick and.... more »

Philosophic Hand
This hand is long, narrow, and fragile-looking, with slender, tapering fingers and long, almond-shaped nails. Its very fineness.... more »

Psychic Hand
This is a small and slender hand, characterized by smooth fingers. The palm is medium in size, and the nailed phalanges are long and.... more »