Signs On Hand

A Star is a sign of great importance wherever it appears on hand. A line that ends in a star signifies great accomplishments.... more »

The Island is a negative and unfortunate sign. This signifies the hereditary evils. For instance, it denotes inherited heart disease if heavily marked.... more »

The Spot is generally the sign of temporary illness and denote a chronic disease. Different colors of spot have there own meaning.... more »

The cross is opposite to the star, and found as a fovourable sign. It represents trouble, danger, disappointment and sometime change.... more »

The triangle is a curious sign, and it fount clear and distinct and not formed by chance crossing of lines. It denotes mental flourish.... more »

The grille is very often seen, and generally upon the mounts of the hand. It is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate.... more »

The circle is a very rare marking in palmistry. If it touches any line, it brings inescapable misfortune to the line.... more »

The square is one of the most interesting, lesser and benefic sign. It is usually called as "The mark of preservation". The line denotes.... more »