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Pisces Career

In careers, some suitable options for Pisces are Veterinarians, Biologists, Artists, Doctors, Musicians, and Psychologists etc. Some good careers for Pisces are Ballet Dancer, Painter, Musician, Director, Priest, Advertising Executive, or Social Worker.

People born under the Sign of Pisces possess a vast fund of artistic creativity. The personal dream world Pisces people so often inhabit can provide them with a wealth of material with which to create careers in writing, music, acting, dancing and all other artistic professions. They are also in their element when their work involves caring for others, whether medically, spiritually or through a charitable organization.

Pisces Men

Pisces men are very reflective and synthesizing. Their idealistic approach to life makes them someone who should really work with people. They may want to help prisoners, drug addicts, or alcoholics back on their feet. Or they may work in the field of science as a chemist, pharmacist, or anesthesiologist handling narcotics. They also have an attraction for water; therefore, shipping and boating professions would be something to consider.

Pisces Women

Pisces women should use their holistic and introspective powers and work in a hospital or institution where they can take care of others. If that is not something that they want to do, choose a creative profession, since they are natural visionary, who brings archetypes and metaphors back into reality. Thus, they would enjoy being a graphic designer, scriptwriter, or songwriter.

Pisces As an Employee

Pisces can be dedicated enough to specialize in their chosen field. Their coworkers think highly of them, because they are an unselfish, unpretentious, and inspirational member of the team. Their contributions to the team are creative, unusual, and very essential. Pisces people must take great care not to get too emotionally involved in their work, or they may suffer for it in the long run.