Planet Dashas

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In Vedic astrology, cycles of time are broken down into planetary periods called Mahadasha. The length of time varies according to each of the planets. The life of an individual is taken to be 120 years and this entire life span is divided into different main periods ('Mahadasha') of planets. The location of the Moon at the time of birth is taken into account when calculating the first Mahadasha. The first dasha is determined by the constellation that the Moon is occupant at the time of birth. For example, if the Moon is in the constellation Chitra, the order of the Mahadashas are Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon.

The following are the major period of planets under Mahadasha :
Sun 6 Years
Moon 10 Years
Mars 7 Years
Rahu 18 Years
Jupiter 16 Years
Saturn 19 Years
Mercury 17 Years
Ketu 7 Years
Venus 20 Years


Dasha is also known as planetary direction. It refers to the system according to which planetary rulership at any specific period of one's life is worked out. It shows the time when effective results of any planet, according to its natal position, can be experienced. Each planet is assigned a certain number of years for its ruler ship, and this number differs from one system to another.

During the Mahadasha and Antar dasha of various planets the following are the articles to donate for better results.
Sun Donate wheat or sugar candy on Sunday.
Moon Donate cow's milk or rice on Monday.
Mars Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Mercury Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Jupiter Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Venus Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Saturn Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Rahu Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.
Ketu Donate Masoor dal on Tuesday.

Positive and Negative Effects of Planets during their Mahadashas:


When it is Strong it denotes high administrative positions in government, including politics, doctors in medicine, etc. It makes a person courageous and bestows administrative capabilities and gives a square body, majestic appearance and powerful speech.

When it is Weak it gives weak eyesight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fractures, overheating, fevers, blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer, weak immune system etc


When it is strong then the mothers will be having sufficient resources and will bring up the child and develop the child's mental faculties in a peaceful manner. The native does not have to strive for acquiring status and it denotes affluence, receptivity, sensitivity, imagination, good memory, meritorious deeds and sound habits.

When it is weak it gives a slim body, a full moon may give a plump body if it is connected with the ascendant or its lord in a powerful way, in isolation. Besides psychic problems it causes sleep disorders, lethargy, drowsiness, lung problems, mouth problems, neurological disorders, digestive complains, blood disorders, enlargement of spleen, frequent cough and cold and weakness etc.


When it is strong then it denotes thirst for action, passions, ambition, physical strength, goal directed energy, power to carry through, courage, bravery, heroism, competitive and fighting spirit, vim and vigor.

When it is weak then it makes a man lacking in courage and not enjoying the help and comforts from the younger brothers. It causes inflammations, overheating, inability to tolerate hunger, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, piles, live complaints, skin rashes, operations, tumors, cancer in muscular parts of body when closely conjunct with Rahu.


When it is strong then it denotes a good communicator with intelligence, rationality, imagination, wit cleverness, skill, dexterity, verbal and mental ability, shrewdness, sound judgment, humor and flexibility.

When it is weak then it causes psychic diseases, insomnia, nervous breakdown, skin diseases, impotence, loss of memory or speech, deafness, asthma, disorders of intestines, dyspepsia etc. and it creates tensions in life, lack of confidence, situation of indecisiveness etc.


When it is strong then it denotes the fields of top political and administrative positions, chairmen of industrial establishments, contractors, financial advisors, bankers, king, lawyers, teachers, management experts and administrators etc. and it give growth, expansion, optimism, faith, humor, idealism and good power of judgment.

When it is weak then it causes lymphatic and circulatory congestion, thrombosis, anemia, tumors, jaundice and other liver complaints, ear problems, asthma, diabetes etc.


When it is strong then it denotes aesthetic sense, worldly knowledge and pursuits, psychic ability, potency, pleasures, correct behavior, luxury, beauty, friendliness, love, charm, gracefulness and refined sensuality.

When it is weak then it causes venereal diseases, urinary diseases, diabetes, anemia, stones in bladder or kidney, weakness of sexual organs, paralysis, asthma, impotence, loss of bodily luster etc.


When it is strong then it denotes perfection and highest human qualities, spirituality, detachment, concentration, inwardness, dutifulness, honesty, sincerity, stability, longevity, responsibility, constancy and consistency.

When it is weak then it causes constant and painful diseases, leg fracture, cancer, skin diseases, paralysis, arthritis, gout, emaciation, rickets, consumption, indigestion, dyspepsia, insanity, numbness, windy diseases, impotence in men, asthma, retention of urine, intestinal obstruction etc.


When it is strong then it denotes diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulations with facts, computer programmers, engineering, pilots, profession involving juggling, and dealing in poison and drugs.

When it is weak then it causes diseases of phlegm, intestines, skin, nervous system, ulcers, blood pressure, heart trouble, psychic disturbances, insanity, leprosy, insect bite, and cancer etc.


When it is strong then it denotes sudden burst of energy, discretion, liberation, universality, idealism, intuition, psychic ability, compassion, spirituality, self sacrifice and subtleness.

When it is weak then it causes wounds, injuries, diseases in spine and nervous system, consumption, surgery, ulcers, inflammations, fevers, intestinal diseases, mental aberration, low blood pressure, bad habits, skin diseases etc.