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Sagittarius Career

In careers, some suitable options for Sagittarus are Travel agents, Explorers, Professors, Photographers, Ambassadors, Import-Export traders and Thrillseekers. Some other good careers for Sagittarians are Veterinarian, Priest, Lawyer, Writer, Teacher, Athlete, or Small Business Owner. Sagittarius people are also associated with professional sports and more intellectual professions such as teaching and the law.

People born under the Sign of Sagittarius are freewheeling souls who are unafraid of taking risks and enjoy new experiences. Many are therefore interested in starting their own businesses, and they generally have a great deal of good luck and success at such ventures. Many Sagittarius people seem to have a positive knack of being in the right place at the right time.

Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men are of principled and ethical nature and this may cause them to choose a legal profession, in the fields of commercial or business law, civil law, or fair trading law. Due to their cosmopolitan nature, they would be an excellent diplomat, who works in an embassy in another country.

Sagittarius Women

Sagittarius women could find professions in the tourism industry interesting, and may enjoy working for a travel agent, an airline, or a hotel chain. Anything in sales or promotion that involves travel and knowledge of foreign languages; and any career that involves learning and the use of the intellect such as teacher

Sagittarius As an Employee

Sagitarians are known for being optimistic and philosophical in their approach of life. They have the ability to inspire and encourage others and let them work independently. The secret of their success is their energetic and outgoing nature, which allows them to achieve their goals through the power of positive thinking. Working for a university, a church, or other institutions that fight for a cause, may also appeal Sagittarians.