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Scorpio Career

In careers, some suitable options for Scorpions are Doctors, Investigators, Ecologists, Managers, Engineers, Navigators and secret agents. Some other good careers for Scorpios are Detective, Pathologist, Butcher, Soldier, Journalist, and Market Analyst etc.

People born under the Sign of Scorpio have a natural affinity with all things hidden and mysterious. Because of this, Scorpio people can be natural detectives. Work in the fields of psychology, medical research or investigative journalism satisfies their deep desire to unearth the secret answers of the universe. Mining operations, oil drilling and archaeology are all associated with this sign.

Scorpio Men

Scorpio men may feel like making a difference in this world, and use their strategic talents to get involved in politics. They've got the charisma and power to find enough followers. Their fascination about criminology or intelligence may lead them to choose a profession Detective or Secret Agents.

Scorpio Women

Scorpions women may decide to become a modern witch, and use their profound insight and healing powers to help others. They may prefer sticking to the more traditional healing methods, and become a medical doctor in the fields of gynecology, urology, or psychology.

Scorpio As an Employee

Scorpions are considered as passionate and courageous persons. Coworkers admire their staying power and their discipline, and know better to not mess with them. Scorpio people also have excellent memories capable of retaining large amounts of information, which can make them eminently suitable for the sciences or as college professors or computer programmers.