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THE SUN : Planet of Self

Planet Sun Sun is the Lord of Simha Rashi [Leo] and occupies the central place amongst the navagrahas. Sun is also known as "The King" in the planetary cabinet. The colour of sun is red and his vahana is a chariot drawn by seven horses.


In astrology the Sun has great significance. It signifies Father. It represents 'individuality' and 'the energy', which initiates all action. Without the Sun our solar system would not exist. It describes our life force. The Sun is an important factor when considering the health of an individual. It rules vitamins A and D and the minerals Iodine and Magnesium. On entering the sign Leo, the Sun is said to exemplify cosmic splendor. The meaning attached to this seems to be that both the good and bad characteristics associated with Leo are perpetual. Sun governs confidence, authority and status. The Sun reveals a person's character and is the prime indicator of what the individual is trying to achieve.

Key concepts for the Sun are Individuality, Vitality, Father (also the husband in a woman's chart), Creativity and Will/Determination/Confidence etc.

Transit of Sun

The effect of the Sun's transit through each of the houses as counted from the Moon-sign at birth is as follows:

 Loss of house or position, traveling
 Loss, fear
 Gain of money, happiness
 Fear of ailments, loss of respect
 Humility, poverty, loss of money, expenditure
 Happiness, annihilation of enemies
 Traveling, loss of money
 Sickness, fear
 Loss of luster, inclination to indulge in evil acts
 Success in undertaking happiness
 Gain of money, happiness
 Loss of money, apprehension of sickness or trouble

Exalted Signs [Strong]: Aries

SUN is exalted in Aries particularly in 10th degree. When it is strong then it denotes high administrative positions in government, including politics, doctors in medicine, etc. It makes a person courageous and bestows administrative capabilities and gives a square body, majestic appearance and powerful speech.

Debilitation Signs [Weak]: Libra

SUN is debilitated in Libra. When it is weak then it give weak eyesight, headaches, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fractures, overheating, fevers, blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer, weak immune system etc.


A planet is considered to be benefic when it provides very positive influences. SUN is benefic when it is in Taurus, Sagittarius.


A planet is considered to be malefic when it provides very negative influences. SUN is malefic when it is in Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces