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Virgo Female

Virgo Female Appearance

A typical Virgo female often has angelic features, with a slightly pointed chin and large, dark, expressive eyes. You are astringently clean and impeccably dressed and prefer short, clean-cut hairstyles. You possess intensely cerebral nature of Virgos and can analyze a situation quickly.

Virgo Female Personality

The Virgo female usually has a strongly developed maternal instinct and makes for a very devoted wife and mother. They are basically shy but have incredible strength of purpose and will seek out their primary goal whatever and wherever it may be. They are too shy to express their feelings very easily. They criticise a lot as nothing is ever up to their admittedly high standards.

Virgo Female In Love Relationships

Regarding love relations, Virgo women have some superficial standards about the man in life. You insist that your partner be spotlessly clean and practical and also goal oriented. Females governed by this Sign love those who are pure in mind and who possess characters which are just and true. Their standards are set quite high and therefore it usually takes longer to find someone worthy to commit to. Because of this very reason, you do tend to marry late in life. Virgo is an excellent housekeeper, a strict parent and a good companion. They often attract more men as their age.