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Virgo Male

Virgo Male Appearance

A typical Virgo male has a high forehead, with a receding hairline and a straight nose. You are very tall and look taller because of your excellent posture. You are practical and quite unsentimental and refuse to budge even an inch when it comes to your personal beliefs whether logical or illogical.

Virgo Male Personality

The Virgo male will likely be ambitious for wealth. They love their work passionately. They have a really good eye for little details which may excel you at creative work. You take your responsibilities very seriously no matter how trivial it is. The Virgo man can be a very withdrawn individual, especially with strangers. Indeed, he usually only appears warm and loving to those who know him and even then not always overly-sympathetic in romantic affairs.

Virgo Male In Love Relationships

In love relations, Virgo has a great curiosity about women. As for sex you feel that it is an experience that should not be overlooked. You are always interested in how much money your partner makes and also what they do with it as you find waste to be sinful. Men who fall under the jurisdiction of Virgo have the reputation of being cool, undemonstrative...or even frigid in their attitude toward love. You may are over protective to your mate and may come across as a father figure if your mate lets you become one. You only propose or get into a committed relationship after a respectable length of time and only when you are completely sure that the relationship will be long lasting one. You expect enhancement and support in your career from your mate and also that she makes your home a clean place for comfort. You, in turn, offer security, reliability and faithfulness.