serval and savannah f1 kittens available (Haryana)

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Updated On : May 05, 2014

Serval kittens selling . Age of 1.5 months and older . Hand kids and adults for captive content. Servals are representatives of predators , which easily adapts and they may comprise a home conditions. We offer kittens from nurseries , from professional breeders. It is expensive to own a cat and serval - become prestigious . Also on sale Hand and kids captive content : Panther, leopard, tiger , lion, puma , jaguar . Serval , Caracal , Ocelot , jungle cat , cat Rybalov Striped hyena . May acquire other types of Exotic cats. Sale predators for zoos , private nurseries , circus performers . Prices and availability of animals please Contacts: Can Ship

Price Rupee Symbol 0000.00
Breed exotic pet
Color red
Birth On April, 2014
Location Haryana
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