Buy Unicast Network Using Tarang F4 Short Range(2.4835Ghz) f (Tamilnadu)

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Updated On : Dec 08, 2015

In computer networking, unicast transmission is the sending of messages to a single network destination identified by a unique address. The term unicast is contrasted with the term broadcast which means transmitting the same data to all possible destinations. Another multi-destination distribution method, multicasting, sends data only to interested destinations by using special address assignments. If an IP Unicast packet passes through a switch that does not know the location of the associated MAC Address, the packet will be broadcast to all ports on the switch. This failure of Unicast to a˜cast to a single devicea™ is called a Unicast flood. Unicast messaging is used for all network processes in which a private or unique resource is requested.XBee modems are one of the easiest ways to create a wireless point-to-point or mesh network. They are configured with AT commands, come in multiple favours to create a wireless serial link out of the box.

Product Video Games
Manufacture On November, 2015
Location Tamilnadu
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