My Dear Mom

O my dear "MAA"!!!!!!

When I was a child,
I never used to let you go away from me,
Now I am far away from you,
But I always keep,
Your small smiling photo with me,
That gives me power,
That gives me happiness,
That makes me feel that,
You are always with me,
In the form of your ultimate blessings.

When I was a child,
I have remembered that,
You forced me to go to school,
And I became angry to you,
Not because of you were admitting me in the school,
But because I never wanted to go away from you,
And today my badluck is that,
I am away....far away from you.

When I feel ignored,
I miss you,
Because you never ignore me,
You feel all my problems always,
You always try to solve that,
And on the behalf of that,
You want nothing,
And you always pray for me.

Your loving memories always,
Make me feel relaxed,
Your that smile,
Always makes me happy,
Your sharing of all eatable objects with me,
While keeping yourself hungry,
I will never forget,
Your all that devotion to me,
I will never forget.

Whenever I go away fromyou,
For a long time,
When I was coming for the college,
I have seen tears in your eyes,
And I know every tears asking,
To come soon,
To be a good person,
And praying to god,
To give me all happiness.

I promise to you my lovely "MAA" that
I loved you,
I love you,
And I will always love you "MAA"......forever.....forever..&..forever.....
Posted By : Prabhat Priyadarshi
Posted On : May 15, 2013
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