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Fake Fake Everywhere...Not A WORD To Take...
Posted by : Rajneesh Batra on 20-Jan-2013 Total Views : 1153

Two FAKEs Bake A CAKE,
Burning Parents In FURNACE.
For Garnishing Raisin Needed,
Gullible Siblings Put At STAKE.
CAKE Is Ready For The Serve,
Come All Analogues Have Your TAKE.

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Posted by : Rajneesh Batra on 20-Jan-2013 Total Views : 1203

Children cried on FATHER's chest;
HEARTBROKEN, but not for stuff.
Day & Night is FATHER dying;
Ever since he saw them CRYING.
Biologically alive though;
Worse than Dead amidst such woes.
But the FATHERHOOD would get shamed;
Before the LAST BREATH if TEARS are damned.
None feels 'SORRY' except the Dad;
May GOD bless the Guiltless Lads.
With a 'FATHER' better than they got;
Amidst a 'GENUINE' & 'LOVING' lot.
So that during NEXT their BIRTH;
Don't they 'FRET' & miss their 'WORTH'.
May GOD save them from 'SELFISH' & FAKE;
And Grand Parents too deserve some 'PRIDE';
May they too get a Better 'CHILD'.
No more 'SOBBING' or 'HUMILIATION' anymore;
Fun, Revelry, and Smiles be in 'STORE'.
It's the FATHER's only desire;
Who had enough his share of 'FIRE'.

But why KIDS dampened Daddy's shoulder;

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My Sorrows In Life
Posted by : Dr.A.D.DEVAKUMAR,MD,MS,PhD,DSc on 18-Nov-2012 Total Views : 1402

I am lost in the desert of love
My God, save me before I collapse
Of the weights I had to bear
With the blues I carry of the past
Which cannot be heard, understood of whatnot.

Finding the grassroot of hope
is something I cannot achieve
Problems are all around me
Which cannot be solve as fast.

Tears flows from my eyes as if
to ebb of the blues at heart
Blues are all I have endured
And know not when it all will end.

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Posted by : Sonal on 24-Sep-2012 Total Views : 2449

Kuch tute dil ki dastan hai zindagi
Kuch bikhare khwab aur sanjoye sapno ki raat hai zindagi
Kuch puri kuch adhiri kahaniyo ki kitab hai zindagi
Wo kanch ke tukde hai jise vapas samet sakte hai
Kyo ki such dukh ka aayina hai zindagi
Kuch Mehak abhi bhi baki hai us murjhaye phool me
Kyonki jine ki akhiri aas hai zindagi

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Ye Jindagi
Posted by : Aprim Brahm on 08-Jun-2012 Total Views : 2895

kabhi dhoop si to
kabhi behti hawa si hai
kabhi chanchal hirni si
to kabhi udti ghata si hai
kabhi masum hai phoolo si
to kabhi dil ki dua si hai

Ye jindagi ye jindagi

kabhi khawabo me khoi si
to kabhi yaado me soyi si hai
kabhi tej bhagti si
to kabhi madham madham si hai

Ye jindagi ye jindagi

kabhi hai kadwi si
to kabhi mithi mithi si hai
kabhi dodti hagti si
to kabhi rooki rooki si hai

ye jindagi ye jindagi

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Posted by : Wanchha Arya on 03-Jun-2012 Total Views : 1561

जब नज़रे तुम पर पड़ती हैं,
तब साँसे मेरी बढती हैं|
जब साँसे मेरी चलती हैं,
वो याद तुम्हे बस करती हैं|
जब याद तुम्हारी आती है,
बस आंसू ही कुछ कहते हैं|
जब आंसू मेरे बहते हैं,
दिल में एक दर्द सा उठता है|
जब दिल मेरा यूँ रोता है,
एहसास अजब सा होता है|
जब हवा मुझे यूँ छूती है,
मेरे कानो में कुछ ये कहती है|
जब लहरों से मै लडती हूँ,
कुछ हिम्मत मुझमे आती है|
हम जल्द ही फिर से साथ होंगे,
शायद यही पैगाम ये देती है|

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