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Posted by : Rajdeep Kanwaria on 27-Apr-2012 Total Views : 3016

Is mati ka mol, bada anmol hai yaaro
isme shahido ke lahu ki sugandh, abhi jinda hai yaro
Pal bhar ki kaya bhale hi, mit gayi ho yaro
par wo hamare jahan me, ab bhi jinda hai yaro
Kaun kehta hai yahan raahein, suni suni hai yaron
in raaho me aaj bhi unka, aana jana hota hai yaro
wo abhi jinda hai yaro

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Incredible India
Posted by : Vikas Tripathi on 28-Mar-2012 Total Views : 5909

When my India gave the Zero,
The world became able to count;
When India proposed Decimal Point,
The world defeated Everest Mount.

If it would not tell about these things,
It was impossible to reach the moon;
The distance between the sun and the earth,
Was impossible to predict, but came soon.

Where the civilization grew first,
Where arts were first born;
It is my incredible India,
I love the sweetness of its corn.

Where the love is our tradition,
There is no difference between black & white;
All the people are equal for us here,
There is so much peace and no fight.

So much affection to the rivers too,
We call them our mother;
I am blessed to get birth here,
It feels great being a part of this pleasure.

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World Cup
Posted by : Kajal on 04-Apr-2011 Total Views : 3117

Yeh jeet ka nasha hai
Yeh us khushi ka ehsaas hai
Itne saal se jiska intzaar tha
Jo sapna har aankhon ka tha
Yeh din kuch khaas hai
Sabke dil ke paas hai
Dhoni ka chakka na bhulenge
Sachin ko salaam thokenge
Yeh naara lagate rahenge
Indian team ke gungaan gate rahenge
Yeh ehssas us intzaar ka hai
World cup ke 28 saal ka hai

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Posted by : Dr.Rajendra Tela\ on 18-Aug-2010 Total Views : 6781

आजादी के पर्व को,नए सोच से मनाएँ,
भूल गए है जिनको,क़र्ज़ उनका चुकाएँ

त्याग और बलिदान,देने वालों को याद करो,
आज़ादी के परवानो को,अब तो प्रणाम करो

वक़्त आ गया है,भय मुक्त समाज बनाने का,
भ्रष्टाचार मिटाने का,अपना फ़र्ज़ निभाने का

आने वाली पीढ़ी को,\"निरंतर\"नयी राह दिखाएँ ,
जो भूल हुई है हमसे,उसको ना दोहराएँ

पिछले पापों को,अब तो धो डालो,
जो किया नहीं है अब तक,अब तो कर डालो

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Inquilab Zindabad
Posted by : Neeraj Meel on 09-Aug-2010 Total Views : 4834

Desh hi mein paida hue desh par hi mar jayenge
marte-marte desh ko jinda magar kar jayenge
humko pisega falk apani chakki mein kab talak
khak bankar aankh mein uski basar jayenge

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Posted by : Vivek on 25-Jun-2010 Total Views : 4550

jab zero diya mere bharat ne,
duniya ko tab ginatee aayee

taaro kee bhasha bharat ne,
duniya ko pahale sikhalayee

deta naa dashamal bharat toh,
yu chaand pe jaana mushkil tha

dharatee aur chaand duree kaa,
andaaja lagaana mushkil tha

sabhyata jaha pehale aayee,
pahale janamee hain jaha pe kala

apana bharat woh bharat hai,
jiske pichhe sansaar chala

sansaar chala aur aage badha,
yu aage badha badhata hee gaya

bhagwaan kare yeh aur badhe,
badhata hee rahe aur fule fale

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