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3 sardar ek bed pe so rahe the
bar bar gir jate.. baad me ek sardar niche so gaya
to dusra bola oye jagah ho gai chal upar aaja

(Posted on : 01-12-2008 Characters : 132)


(Posted on : 19-10-2008 Characters : 193)
Jab 92% tension ho,
14% akelapan ho,
31% mushkil ho,
21% dukhi ho,
11 % miss kar rahe ho,
to in sab ko milkar dial kar dena problem solve ho jayegi

(Posted on : 01-02-2008 Characters : 152)
Love is the second mistake created by god.
Ofcourse girls are the First.
But the fact is that both are beautiful mistakes.

(Posted on : 31-01-2008 Characters : 124)
ek din phool se kisi ne puchha, Tune to di khusbu, Tujhe kya mila..Tab phool ne haskar kaha dene ke baad lena to ek vyapar hai. Jo dekar bhi kuchh na mange vo PYAR hai.

(Posted on : 14-06-2007 Characters : 168)
close your eyes & imagine
chand ka bed taron ki razai
aur phoolon ka takiya!
nice na? now come back
to earth & sleep on your
khatiya...good night...
manoj soni 9827641719

(Posted on : 05-03-2007 Characters : 178)
If u can solve ur problem, then what's the need of worrying? If u can't solve it, then what is the use of worrying? Good Luck!

(Posted on : 29-01-2007 Characters : 128)
The 4 ways to reach God: Luk back & thank God. Luk forward & trust God. Luk around & serve God. Luk within & find God.

(Posted on : 29-01-2007 Characters : 120)
God knows ur future. He may not reveal it to u, but he'll walk with u & the future unfolds. Don't trust the stars, trust the ONE who made them.

(Posted on : 16-01-2007 Characters : 145)
Start the work in the name of God, Do the work with the help of God, Finish the work with thanks to God coz he decides, gives and makes everything possible.

(Posted on : 11-01-2007 Characters : 158)
Trust shud be like the Feeling that the one year old baby has... When you throw him in the air, he laughs coz he knows u'll catch him, without falling.

(Posted on : 11-01-2007 Characters : 153)
If life is a game, I pray you always win.
If life is a journey, I pray you walk on roses.
If life is full of joy, I pray you always smile.

(Posted on : 30-12-2006 Characters : 140)
Two things always in life to be remembered.
1.Don't take any decisions when you are Angry.
2.Don't make any promises when you are Happy....

(Posted on : 30-12-2006 Characters : 141)
"I TRUST YOU" is a better complement than "I LOVE YOU".
Because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust.

(Posted on : 12-12-2006 Characters : 155)
It's ordinary to to love the marvellous. But it's marvellous to love the ordinary. Because Anyone can love a rose. But it takes a great deal to love a leaf.

(Posted on : 12-12-2006 Characters : 156)
When we were kids we always wanted to grow up...Its now that we realize that wounded knees were better than broken hearts.

(Posted on : 12-12-2006 Characters : 122)
What is more painful? When a person whom u trust, hurts u Or the person whom u hurted still TRUSTS you.
Think about it.......

(Posted on : 12-12-2006 Characters : 126)
S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling.

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 161)
I have a new kodak camera
ur snap please...
don't move
smile :)
ohh ho
those who live in ones heart cant have a snap!!!

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 147)
Remember me and bare in mind A faithful girl is hard to find This is always good and true So dont go changing old for new!

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 122)

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