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kahan koi aisa mila jis pe dil luta dete
har ek ne dhoka diya kis kisko bhula dete
dil ka dard dil me hi dabakar rakha
agar bayan kiya hote to mehfil ko rula dete

(Posted on : 02-03-2012 Characters : 165)

Sari Umar Ankho Me Ek Sapna Yaad Raha
Sadiyan Beet Gayi Par Wo Lamha Yaad Raha
Na Jane Kya Baat Thi Unme Aur Hamme
Sari Mehfil Bhul Gaye Bus Wohi Ek Chehra Yaad Raha

(Posted on : 02-03-2012 Characters : 168)

Apne pyar ko chhupana chaha par chupa na sake
diwane dil pe kaabu hum pa na sake
aaj itne karib se gujar gaye wo
phir bhi unka hath hum tham na sa

(Posted on : 02-03-2012 Characters : 149)

Aapki har khata manjur hai, aapka har shikwa kabul hai, nahi jaante kya rishta hai aapse humara, par jo bhi hai mujhe dil se kabul hai.

(Posted on : 12-09-2011 Characters : 135)

Jeene ki usne hume nayi ada di hai
Khush rehne ki usne dua di hai
Aye Khuda usko sara jaha dena
Jisne apne dil me hume jagah di hai

(Posted on : 19-04-2011 Characters : 134)

When you love
you get hurt.
When you get hurt
you hate.
When you hate
you try to forget.
When you try to forget
you start missing.
When you start missing
you fall in love again..!

(Posted on : 01-10-2010 Characters : 188)

Ishq tujhse karta hoon
main zindagi se zyada
Main darta nahi maut se
teri judaii se zyada
Chahe to aazmale mujhe
kisi aur se zyada
Meri zindagi me kuch nahi
teri mohabbat se zyada

(Posted on : 07-04-2010 Characters : 186)

Be close to someone who makes u happy,
But be closer to someone who cant b happy without u..
It makes a lot of difference! :-)

(Posted on : 23-03-2010 Characters : 128)

To luv is duty & right,
To b loved is a gift & luck..
To luv sum1 who luvs u is an achievement..
& to b luvd by sum1 whom u luv is life..

(Posted on : 23-03-2010 Characters : 140)

Bell has no sound till someone rings it,
Song has no tune until someone sings it..
So never hide ur feelings ,
Coz it has no value till someone feels it :-)

(Posted on : 23-03-2010 Characters : 159)

Luv is not only gaining sum1,
But also losing urself to sum1..
If 1 luvs u, its not coz of ur excellence..
Its coz of d purity of ur heart :-)

(Posted on : 16-03-2010 Characters : 145)

Its a fact-
Wen u r happy, u want to reach d person u love most..
But wen u r sad, u want to reach d person who loves u most..

(Posted on : 09-03-2010 Characters : 130)

Thr was a guy who was tired of reading his gf's msgs which always contained i luv u, i miss

u or hav u taken ur meal?
One nt, while lying in bed he rcvd a msg bt dint bother to read, insted he went to sleep.
Nxt day, he got a call 4m his gf's mom dat her daughter was raped & killd last nt, He den

read d msg in wch was written "Honey plz cum & hlp. sum1's following me"
Nvr hurt ne1 who really luvs u!

(Posted on : 09-03-2010 Characters : 426)

A sensible proposal from a boy to a beautiful girl- "Hey Angel! I'm not forcing u

to love me.. But don't let love b d reason for hating me.." :-)

(Posted on : 06-03-2010 Characters : 149)

Do u know why ppl say dat u don't feel sleepy wen u r in luv???
Coz for d 1st time, u find reality more beautiful than ur dreams.. :-)

(Posted on : 05-03-2010 Characters : 137)

Do u know why ppl say that u dont feel sleepy wen in luv???
Its for d 1st time..
that u find..

(Posted on : 03-03-2010 Characters : 147)

U can hide pain u feel,
& make others believe dat u can move on!
But u cant deny d truth dat d 1 who has hurt u is still d 1 u always choose to


(Posted on : 28-02-2010 Characters : 155)

Don't search for eyes which never want to see u..
But never try to escape from the eyes which r always searching for

u!!! :-)

(Posted on : 25-02-2010 Characters : 130)

Once a man asked God, What is love?
God said, Go to a garden & get d most beautiful flower!
The man returned empty handed & told that I had found d

most beautiful flower but I kept walking in the hope of a

better 1 & then I realised that I had ignored d best. Wen went

back, I cud not find it thr! God said, This is luv! U dont value

it wen u have it & repent wen u lose it!! Love is d sweetest

thing so never let ur luv go in search of a better one!! :-)

(Posted on : 20-02-2010 Characters : 477)

Once thr was an island whr all feelings lived together..
One day thr was a storm in d sea & island was abt to ddrown..
Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape..
Every feeling borrowed d boat but one feeling was left..
Luv got down to c who it was?
It was Ego! Luv tried & tried but Ego didnt moov..
Everyone asked Luv to leave Ego & cum in d boat but Luv was meant to luv.. It

remained with Ego. All other feelings were left alive but Luv died coz of Ego!!!

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 483)

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