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If u start judging ppl, u'll b having no time to luv them :-)

(Posted on : 16-03-2010 Characters : 61)
Never break 4 things in life-
1. Trust
2. Promise
3. Relation
4. Heart
coz they don't make noise wen break but pain alot..

(Posted on : 05-03-2010 Characters : 127)
In a day, wen u dont come across any problem, u can b sure

that u r travelling on a wrong path!
- Swami Vivekanand

(Posted on : 20-02-2010 Characters : 119)
People say, Let time pass everything will b fine! Time is d

best healer!!"
Time never heals a wound! Its just that u get addicted to d

pain & become immune!!!

(Posted on : 20-02-2010 Characters : 172)
A person who laughs most & makes others laugh wud b

having a thunder storm of sadness in his heart...

(Posted on : 20-02-2010 Characters : 128)
Absence is d Best Presence coz if somebody is absent then u miss them & if u miss them, that means they r Present in ur heart..

(Posted on : 24-01-2010 Characters : 127)
Words & Hearts should b handled with care,
Coz words wen Spoken &
Hearts wen Broken r d Hardest thing to repair..

(Posted on : 17-01-2010 Characters : 117)
U'll continue ur love even if ur love fails coz How can u hate d heart which made u to love it..

(Posted on : 12-01-2010 Characters : 112)
Nobody in d world can have a CRYSTAL CLEAR HEART!!
Everyone's heart has
some scratches
scribbled by
their dear ones!!!

(Posted on : 06-01-2010 Characters : 130)
Never b proud nor depressed for wat u r & position u hold in society!
Remember, Wen d game of Chess is over, both d King & Pawn go to d same box!!!

(Posted on : 06-01-2010 Characters : 150)
“ Smile n Silence r 2 Powerful Tools..
Smile is d way to Solve Many Problems!
Silence is d way to Avoid Many Problems! ”

(Posted on : 30-12-2009 Characters : 126)
Ur true character is measured by How u treat those who can do nothing for u!!
Take care!!

(Posted on : 27-08-2009 Characters : 106)
Smile n Silence r 2 Powerful Tools..
Smile is d way to Solve Many Problems!
Silence is d way to Avoid Many Problems!

(Posted on : 17-06-2009 Characters : 118)

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 108)
Your respect is not in Words spoken to u in ur Presence, but words spoken for u in ur Absence!! GM..

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 119)
Heart beats r d biggest Hypocrite in d world!
They beat in ur body,
But always Dance to d Tune of Someone Else!!

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 114)
3 Beautiful Quotes-
Deepest feelings r always felt in Silence!
Thr's no true love vdout Jealosy!
A thing lost is always valued d Most!!

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 138)
A relationship doesn't shine by just shaking hands in best times!
But it blossoms by holding hands firmly in critical times!!

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 126)
Memories play very confusing role!
They make u Laugh wen u remember d time U Cried 2gether!
Bt make u Cry wen u remember d time u Laughed 2gether!!

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 151)
True Fact...
If u r Happy, U'll remember d person whom U love!!
If u r Sad, U'll remember d person who loves U!!

(Posted on : 16-06-2009 Characters : 114)

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