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“ Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile... ”

(Posted on : 23-01-2011 Characters : 162)

GOD is so wise that he never created FRIENDS with price tags, Because..... if He did, I won't be able to afford a precious FRIEND like YOU!!!

(Posted on : 14-09-2010 Characters : 142)

class ki har ladki ek phool hai
unhe chahna ek bhool hai
jo unki soch me gul hai
uski compartment ke chances full hai

(Posted on : 20-11-2009 Characters : 120)

Jo nazar se guzar jaya karte hain
Woh sitare aksar toot jaya karte hain
Kuch log dard ko bayaan nahi karte
Bus chup chap bikhar jaya karte hain

(Posted on : 12-08-2008 Characters : 146)

The length & breadth & height of you, total up to quite a view,
but to taste the true delight of you, I'll have to take a bite of u.

(Posted on : 14-11-2007 Characters : 135)

One who somes, has a SMOKY heart,
One who drinks, has an ALCOHOLIC heart...
So dear U must STOP eating SWEETS...
as u r already a SWEETEHART!**

(Posted on : 14-11-2007 Characters : 149)

Always be Happy, always wear a smile;
Not because life is full of reasons to smile but because ur smile itself is a reason for many others to smile...

(Posted on : 14-11-2007 Characters : 152)

Life is pretty much unpredictable. I may not live long enough but I won't miss out letting you know that life is worth living with someone like you around.

(Posted on : 14-11-2007 Characters : 157)

Hasino ne hasin bankar gunah kiya,
Auro ko to thik ham ko bhi tabah kiya,
Pesh kiya jab gazlo me unki bevafai ko,
Auro ne to thik unhone bhi WAH WAH kiya.

(Posted on : 03-10-2007 Characters : 158)

Aaj socha ki jawab kya bheju,
Aap jaise logo ko khitab kya bheju,
Koi phool ho to mujhe maloom nahi,
Jo khud gulab ho usey gulab kya bheju.

(Posted on : 03-10-2007 Characters : 143)

Jab tumhe dekhu my dil start flying
Tumse baat kare tho I keep trying
Jab thu door jaye I feel like crying
Are itna tension math lo I was joking.

(Posted on : 03-10-2007 Characters : 148)

Katl karna hai to NAYAN se kar,
Katl karna hai to NAYAN se kar,
TALWAR mein kya rakha hai
ki na ho takleef,
ki na ho takleef,
Mujhe sir jhukane ki
aur tumhein TALWAR Uthaaney ki

(Posted on : 23-01-2007 Characters : 185)

Government imposing new taxes. Dating Rs.10, Hug Rs.20, Kiss Rs.30, Love Rs.50. But you don't worry, flirting is still free.

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 126)

Dil 20 13, 80 20 tere..


Read the above numbers in punjabi.

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 84)

If I could be any part of you, Id be your tear. To be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.

(Posted on : 29-11-2006 Characters : 143)

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