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Socha kisi apne se baat karun,
Apne kisi khaas ko yaad karoon!
Kiya jo faisla gud morning kehne ka,
to dil ne kaha ki aapse hi shuruvaat karun!! :-)

(Posted on : 08-12-2009 Characters : 153)

In each single day, we smile & laugh so many times!
We never thank god after every smile!
But we do blame him for every tear we cry!!
How strange but true!!

(Posted on : 08-12-2009 Characters : 161)

Stress se face par pimple pad jate hain,
Rone se skin par wrinkle pad jate hain,
Isliye hanste raho dear..
Kyuki isse gaalon par dimple pad jate hain.. :-)

(Posted on : 15-11-2009 Characters : 164)

Happiness is not something u postpone for future..
It is something u design for d present..
Make each moment a Happy one!! :-)

(Posted on : 08-11-2009 Characters : 128)

Wen God takes away something from ur hands, don't think He's punishing u!
He's just leaving u empty-handed to receive sumthing better!!!

(Posted on : 08-11-2009 Characters : 139)

Beautiful lines-
Worrying doesnt reduce yesterdays worries!
But it empties today's strength!
Be happy! :-)

(Posted on : 08-11-2009 Characters : 127)

The first sunlight to touch ur face is my whisper to God to take care of U & to make ur day Pleasant!! :-)

(Posted on : 08-11-2009 Characters : 108)

The hardest moments r not those wen tears flow from ur eyes..
Its wen u hav to hide ur tears in ur eyes wid a smile to remove tears from someone else's eyes!!! Gud day!!

(Posted on : 20-10-2009 Characters : 170)

My wishes r silent but true,
Everywhere they'll follow u,
Luck is urs,
Wishes r mine,
May ur future always shine..

(Posted on : 20-10-2009 Characters : 118)

God did not promise that life wud be easy,
But he promised to be with us on every step of d way!!
So Rock on & keep going!! :-)

(Posted on : 20-10-2009 Characters : 129)

Subah k phool khil gaye,
Panchhi apne safar pe udd gaye,
Suraj aate hi taare chhup gaye,
Kya aap bhi meethi neend se uth gaye ;-)

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 132)

Silent lips may avoid many problems,
But smiling lips will solve many problems,
So always have a smile on ur face..

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 117)

Birth was not ur choice,
Death will not be ur choice,
But d way u live ur life between d 2 terminals is absolutely ur choice..
Live life king-size!! ;-)

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 157)

A beautiful saying-
If ur vision is sweet, u'd like all d ppl of d world..
But if ur heart is sweet, d ppl of d world vl like u.. :-)

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 135)

Subah ki pyari roshni k saath,
Panchhiyon k chehekne k saath,
Kaliyon k khilne k saath,
Ek pyaare ehsaas k saath,
Apka din shuru ho,
Ek meethi muskaan k saath.. :-)

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 169)

Do u know d meaning of morning?
MORNING means 1 more inning given by God to play & win!
So gud mrng! :-)

(Posted on : 08-10-2009 Characters : 106)

Na mandir,
Na bhagwan,
Na puja,
Na snan,
Subah hote hi hamara sabse pehla kaam..
Ek pyara sa sms aapke naam! :-)
Gud Mrng!

(Posted on : 01-10-2009 Characters : 128)

A Smile costs less than electricity but gives more light to ur face!
So always smile & prove that u r d Best tubelight.. ;-)
Gud Mrng!

(Posted on : 01-10-2009 Characters : 136)

Smile is a language of luv,
Smile is a way to success,
Smile wins heart,
Smile makes every moment worth living..
So always keep smiling! Gud day!!

(Posted on : 23-09-2009 Characters : 152)

Kuch to jeete hain jannat ki tamanna lekar,
Kuch tamannayein jeena sikha deti hain,
Hum kis tamanna ke sahare jiyein,
Ye zindgi roz ek tamanna badha deti hai..

(Posted on : 23-09-2009 Characters : 162)

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