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sitam dhane ki hadd hoti hai,
paas na aane ki -rooth jane ki hadd hoti hai,
ek SMS toh kar de zalim...
paise bachani ki bhi hadd hoti hai......

(Posted on : 22-02-2007 Characters : 146)

The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that's out always looks the best.

(Posted on : 19-12-2006 Characters : 156)

A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.

(Posted on : 19-12-2006 Characters : 69)

Voters don't decide issues, they decide who will decide issues.

(Posted on : 19-12-2006 Characters : 63)

Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.

(Posted on : 19-12-2006 Characters : 136)

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