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Usde inkaar de maare haan,
Bas yaadan Ohdiyan de sahaare haan,
Jagg jitt k v dass ki karna,
Jittna c jihnu asi oss kolo haare haan

(Posted on : 15-11-2010 Characters : 133)

Seconds of introduction,
Minutes of discussion,
Hours of attraction,
Days of interaction,
Years of satisfacion,
Makes frdshp a strong Construction..

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 181)

.+"+,.,+"+. A TOUCH
'+. .+'

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 155)

U never know y u like some ppl more than others..
Y u luv sum ppl without reason..
Y v feel happy abt meeting & spending time with them..

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 162)

( ',' )

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 98)

Har dua kabool nahi hoti,
Har aarzoo poori nahi hoti..
Jinke dil me aap jaise dost ho,
Unke liye dhadkan bhi zaroori nahi hoti..

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 154)

Maasoom mohabbat ka bas itna fasana hai
Maa ghar se nikalne nahi deti
Mujhe Valentine day pe jana hai!!! :-(

(Posted on : 15-02-2010 Characters : 156)

Its d month of Surprises..
Proposals & Dates
Chocolates & gifts
Hugs & love songs..
Its February!!
Wish u a fun filled month..

(Posted on : 10-02-2010 Characters : 153)

It will catch up to you
whether you want it to or not,
Make your heart swell
and tie it up in a knot.
You wont know what it is
but you'll feel it inside.
Your feelings for this person
well up inside.
Then no matter how far
and no matter how near...
Each word or phrase she says,
You'll always hold them dear.

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 323)

So when you say your prayers tonight,
Please thank our God above...
For He is there to shower you,
With His almighty love.

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 127)

There's no one else I ever knew
Who appealed to me the way you do.
Please don't return my heart to me
Because it's yours "for keeps" you see!
If I could get your ear a minute
Here's what I would whisper in it .....
I Love You

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 233)

Cupid has his bow and arrow
Aimed straight for you ...
Don't try to stop him
That will never do.

There is someone that loves you
In a very special way ...
Wear your heart on your sleeve
On this special day.

Hearts are fluttering every where
Catch one if you dare ...
Valentines day is for lovers
Show your love you care

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 336)

The rose, which is undoubtedly the most popular
flower in the world, speaks
of love and has been the choice
of lovers in every century.
If you rearrange
the letters of the word Rose
you get Eros... the god of Love.

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 227)

When you are sad
I will dry your tears
When you are scared
I will comfort your fears

When you are worried
I will give you hope
When you are confused
I will help you cope

And when you are lost
And can't see the light
I shall be your beacon
Shining ever so bright

This is my promise
I pledge till the end
Why you may ask?
Because you're my friend.

(Posted on : 25-01-2007 Characters : 369)

Love cannot be defined. It can be felt. It is based on matching wavelengths, understanding, care and trust. Most important is Love is a feeling from within the heart. A person can love too many people at a time, the nature of loving is different. A mom, friend, girlfriend or a wife, each identity is separate and so is love which differs as per our affection. Love should be a neutral, selfless, a sacrifice too. It should give peace and contenment.

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 454)

"Love is a sacrifice, friendly relationship between two persons who are bound to understand, share each other's feelings throughout whole life together."

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 157)

Love means an illusion, false promises, fooling around, expensive - just a Dreaded Word! True Love dont exist. Valentine Day is only for people who are not sure of their Love

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 174)

Love and friendship are two sides of a coin. Make friends. Wishing ‘Happy Valentine Day to all of them who are a part of my life.

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 135)

Love is a languague that every heart speaks. . Its sharing dreams and turning them to reality. It's the ocean of love and warmth of friendship that makes my life:-)

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 165)

"The heart has its reasons, which reason does not know."-

(Posted on : 24-01-2007 Characters : 57)

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