Tongue Twisters

A tongue twister is a phrase in any language that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Here you can get big list of famous tongue twisters available in english and hindi.
Latest English Tongue Twisters

One day.... i wish to fish the fish i wish but the fish i wished to fish is the fish you wished to fish
By - Hyny

Lapak babuliya lapak, ab naa lapakwe to lapakwe kab
By - A GH

How much can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck wood chuck wood
By - Nikhil

Red roller yellow roller
By - Prakher Saxena

Learn to learn how learners learn, then finally you will learn to learn what learners learn...
By - Surya Saravanan

Six red lorries and six yellow lorries
By - Aravind

Amidst the mists and coldest frosts
with barest wrists and stoutest boasts
he thrusts his fists against the post
and still insists he sees the ghosts.
By - Bhanumurthy

Red lorry yellow lorry.
By - Prakher Saxena

Luke luck likes lakes.
luke's duck likes lakes.
luke luck licks lakes.
luck's duck licks lakes.
duck takes licks in lakes luke luck likes.
luke luck takes licks in lakes duck likes.

By - Arvind Lakra

A problem of solving a problem is not a problem but when a problem solves a problem without any problem then the problem is not at all a problem
By - Vishnu

The sixth sick sikh's sixth sheep is sick.
By - Sylvester

Kuchh oont uncha kuchh poonch unchi kuchh unchhi oont ki poonch
By - Ravinder Kumar

How many cans can a canner can a canner cans as many cans as a canner can can cans
By - Shrikavya

bobby blue blows big blue bubbles
By - Tasneem

Milli ne milni ko milki bulaya,
milni ne milli ko kaske lagaya,
milki ne milni ko milti banaya,
milli ne milki ko milke daraya.
By - Shubham

Black bug's blood.
By - Dr.Priyanka Vashista

A lots of hot coffee in proper copper coffee pot
By - Bijay

Mujhey kisi ne bataya ki use kisi ne bataya jo bataya use wo mujhey nahi bataya aur jo maine use bataye wo usne bataya aur batake batane ka kaam kiya
By - Dhruvika

One-one was a race horse. two-two was one too. when one-one won one race, two-two won one too.
By - Saranya M

A miss in bus. bus was rush. in rush bush kiss miss. miss push bush. bush miss kiss.
By - Saranya M

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