Tongue Twisters

A tongue twister is a phrase in any language that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly. Here you can get big list of famous tongue twisters available in english and hindi.
Latest English Tongue Twisters

Tote ki chonch tuti
tuti chonch ka tota
By - Yogesh

Sheena leads, sheila needs.
By - Mahima

Khadak singh ke khadakne se khadakti hai khidkiya
khidkiyo ke khadakne se khadakta hai khadak singh
By - Mahima

"road roller,load roller"
By - Swapnil

Upper roller lower roller
By - PIA

Jade jizzed on liz whlist liz jizzed on jade, jades jizz was jizzy but lizzies jizz was the jizziest.
By - Liz Munboob

Kaccha papad pakka papad
By - Nikunj Gupta

Benny bought a bit of butter but the butter was so bitter so she bought a better butter to make the bitter butter better.
By - Amit Bassi

Ang relo ni leroy ay rolex
By - Eugenepe񡦬oridaenciso

Chanda chamke cham cham, chikhe chokkna chor,
chiti chate chini chatori chinikhor.

By - Vinay Jadav

Khadaksingh ke khadak ne se khadakti hai khidkiya.
khadakti hai khidkiya, khadaksingh ke khadak ne se.

By - Vinay Jadav

I feel, a feel, a funny feel, a funny feel i feel, if you feel the feel i feel, i feel the feel you feel.
By - Prachi

The sixth sheep of the sixth sheikh is sick
By - Mashaal Mansoor

Upper roller lower roller

The six saith the six sheep
By - Rinkesh Agrawal

A driver drives a drivers driven car for taking test drive of the drivers car driven car
By - Shagil Iqbal

Peter piper picked a pack of pickeled pepper. if peter piper picked a pack of pickeled pepper, where's the pack of pickeled pepper peter piper picked?
By - Narrai

Pepe's friend ferdie found felipe's cap that was left in the office of the fat cop
By - Narrai

When you understand say understand when you don't understand say dont't understand when you say understand and don't understand who will understand that you understand.understand!

Twist the twisted tongue for twisting the twist of tongue twister
By - Shagil Iqbal

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